Friday, August 11, 2006

Terrorists in London.

I am so sorry to all the people reading my weblog. I was unable to update my weblog yesterday as I was occupied trying to figure out a way to go home on Friday. As the British police arrested a couple of terrorist yesterday who where planning to bomb planes to America all flights where canceled and delayed.

At this moment I am booked at a BA this evening back to Amsterdam so I hope it will still fly when I arrive at the airport. I am still on the other side of London at this moment working on the go-life support for the UK sales organization and within a short while I have to take a cab to the other side of the city to have a meeting at one of the offices we have located in London and the go to Heathrow airport.

This all considering I feel quite tired due to the fact I have been visiting London city centre yesterday accompanied with some college’s. Taking the Gatwick express train from Gatwick airport to London Victoria station is a good experience I have to say. Anyone who is going to London I can advice to fly to Gatwick and then take the train to city centre.

Even do not all experiences in London where great, the food was very bad for example, I still did have a splendid time to be honest. I have seen a couple of things in London. I have seen Buckingham palace, been to Trafalgar square, paid a quick visited to the MI6 HQ, just did a quick check if the Big Ben was still located where it supposed to be and walked the London centre most of time enjoying the city.

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