Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oracle Hybrid Cloud

Recently I presented together with Marcel Giacomini from Oracle on Oracle public, private and hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is a direction I personally feel the market will move towards very quickly. Even though cloud companies would like to see enterprises adopting a full cloud model I think a majority of the large enterprises and companies will take the route of hybrid cloud first.

To see more on the capabilities around hybrid cloud from Oracle have a look at the deck we presented during Advantage You.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oracle Linux Unsupported Packages

When running Oracle Linux you do not have to purchase a support contract from Oracle. You are perfectly fine running Oracle Linux without purchasing the support. However, in general, when running Oracle Linux in a business environment you would like to have the option to call in support when needed. This means that most companies do purchase the support and use it whenever needed. A general misunderstanding is that everything shipped by Oracle is also supported by Oracle.

In fact some (a limited) parts are not supported by Oracle while at the same time you will be able to find them in the Oracle Linux distribution and you have the option to install them and use them. The general misconception comes from the fact that most people understand that when you download and install additional software that is not provided by Oracle you will not get support. At the same time they expect everything shipped by Oracle to be under the support contract.

In case you are in doubt if a specific part is under support you might want to check the “Unsupported Packages from ISO” at the Oracle Linux website. This list (current date – Do check the latest version) has  the following packages:

  1.  ccs
  2.  cluster-cim
  3.  cluster-glue-libs-devel
  4.  clusterlib-devel
  5.  cluster-snmp
  6.  cman
  7.  cmirror
  8.  cmirror-standalone
  9.  corosynclib-devel
  10.  ctdb
  11.  ctdb-devel
  12.  dlm
  13.  fence-agents-all
  14.  fence-virtd-checkpoint
  15.  foghorn
  16.  gfs2-utils
  17.  haproxy
  18.  ipvsadm
  19.  keepalived
  20.  libesmtp-devel
  21.  luci
  22.  lvm2-cluster
  23.  lvm2-cluster-standalone
  24.  N/A
  25.  omping
  26.  openaislib-devel
  27.  pacemaker
  28.  pacemaker-doc
  29.  pacemaker-libs-devel
  30.  pcs
  31.  piranha
  32.  python-repoze-what-quickstart
  33.  resource-agents
  34.  rgmanager
  35.  ricci
  36.  xfsdump
  37.  xfsprogs
  38.  xfsprogs-devel