Monday, June 30, 2008

MSN messenger error code 80048412

Today someone started to complain that whenever he was trying to access the hotmail website he got a invalid certificate message and when he was trying to login with MSN messenger he received a 80048412 error. After a quick search the solution was quite easy. Somehow he managed to reset his date to somewhere in the future. So error code 80048412 in MSN messenger, look if the date is set correctly. If not, set it to the correct date and try again.

Just one of those things you can search for hours for if you do not know it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Authenticating to google finance API

The Google Finance and Google Data APIs teams are pleased to announce the release of a Google Data API for the Google Finance portfolios. I have already promised that I would spend some time on testing some things for this new API. So I now finaly found some time to check this new API. To be honest I had to check google finance first because I never made use of it.

The cool thing about the new API is that you will be able to download information from Google finance in a XML format so you will be able to use it in all kind of applications. Think about the possibilities of downloading this information to your application and maybe even use Google maps API and the Google chart API. You can make for example a very nice online application to show the world markets and how they behave…. Think about all those other cool things you always wanted to code in combination with stock information. You are now able to. Google, great news! Thanks!

In the upcoming days I will post a couple of posts about this new API but we will start at the beginning. How do you get access to data? Google finance is using your standard Google login information so you will not be needing a separate developers key or anything.

You can make use of two ways of authenticating to google finance. The first is “AuthSub proxy authentication” and the second one is “ClientLogin username/password authentication”. I will in this post not go into details about “AuthSub proxy authentication”, this I will save for an other post. I will now be discussing “ClientLogin username/password authentication”.

By making use of this option your “visitors” will have to provide their username and password for Google to you, so this can be the downside of this approach because they really have to trust you. However this is a side issue. After the user has provided you with the username and password you will have to request an authorization token (Auth) from google.

You will have to do a post to with the following parameters: Email, Passwd, service and source.

Email : The user's email address.
Passwd : The user's password.
Service : finance
Source : Identifies your client application. Should take the form companyName-applicationName-versionID.

The google API documentation states that you have to do a post with the content type application/x-www-form-urlencoded. On how you can get this from for example a php site you can take a look at ngoprek web weblog. There are also some other good examples on how to get the auth token from google.

Currently the API documentation is only showing examples in java in the Java client library so in my next post I will be trying to have a small example of a java web application which is interacting with the Google Finance API.

SSH tips

Still trying to make my home office a little more cleaned up. So I am skimming all the old magazines if I can throw them away or that I want to dig into a article some more before I do. So now I have come across a article with some of those nice trick and tips about SSH and I like to share them with you before I the magazine is in the bin.

So some short tips and tricks about ssh. According to Wikipedia:

“Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two computers. Encryption provides confidentiality and integrity of data over an insecure network, such as the Internet. SSH uses public-key cryptography to authenticate the remote computer and allow the remote computer to authenticate the user, if necessary.[1]

SSH is typically used to log into a remote machine and execute commands, but it also supports tunneling, forwarding arbitrary TCP ports and X11 connections; it can transfer files using the associated SFTP or SCP protocols.[1] SSH uses the client-server protocol.

An SSH server, by default, listens on the standard TCP port 22.[2]

An SSH client program is typically used for establishing connections to an SSH daemon accepting remote connections. Both are commonly present on most modern operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and OpenVMS. Proprietary, freeware and open source versions of various levels of complexity and completeness exist.”

So the tips from the magazine:
Setting up a secure tunnel with SSH within a SSH tunnel for services. Lets say you have a server running a service on port 567 and you want to access this service in a secure way and not unencrypted over the network. You do have a possibility to create a SSH tunnel to connect to you UNIX server. What you can do now is to map the remote port 567 to a local port, for example, 789. This way the connection between your workstation and the server will be encrypted and the communication between your local application and the remote service will be done internally on you workstation so no information will be traveling unencrypted over the network. This is how you do that:

Lets say your server domain name is and your username is johan

ssh –NfL

After providing the password for you account on the remote machine you can now access the remote service on port 567 on your local port 789

Second one is about copy a file from one machine to another by using a ssh tunnel. Make use of scp. Lets say you have a file in ~/files/filename1.txt and you want it move to machine you do the following:

scp ~/files/filename1.txt johan@ /root/files/filename1.txt

now let’s say you are not on the server that has the file you want to copy and you are not on the server you want the files copied to. The files are on and you want it to move to you do the following(your username on the fileserver is johanx):

scp ~/files/filename1.txt /root/files/filename1.txt

You can also make use of sftp to move files. Check out this page for more information about sftp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The World is Flat

Just now when I am reading “The World is Flat” by Thomas L Friedman while I am commuting from and to the office (or customer locations) I come across a nice article at the Microsoft Business site which is related to this subject.

About “The World is Flat” Wikipedia is saying the following:

“The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century is an international bestseller book by Thomas L. Friedman, analyzing the progress of globalization with an emphasis on the early 21st century. The title is a metaphor for viewing the world as flat or level in terms of commerce and competition, as in a level playing field —or one where all competitors have an equal opportunity. As the first edition cover indicates, the title also alludes to the historic shifts in perception once people realised the world was not flat, but round and how a similar shift in perception —albeit figurative— is required if countries, companies and individuals want to remain competitive in a global market where historical, regional and geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant.”

The article on the Microsoft Business site is named “Virtual Teams Get Closer” and discusses the way how you can have a complete team working on different locations and maybe even without a solid office where they have a desk. It is discussing the tools and best approaches on how to create a virtual team. How can you best manage the workflow and such when your team is not in the same room? How do you deal with meetings and such?

Having a virtual team and making it a success is not only about the technological tools you have but also on how you manage the team. It can be a big success or a big failure.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Google Earth and firefox 3.0

The Google Earth plugin was not working in firefox 3.0. a blog which has a lot of readers from the google development team posted a article about this and Google responded with a comment to the post and the assurance that they where coding to solve the problem.

And as can be expected, they kept word. Google solved the problem and now the Google Earth plugin is working in the latest release of firefox. Great job guys!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Installing Oracle IRM Server

I have already created a post about Oracle Information Rights Management and now a quick note on how to install it. Installing Oracle Information Rights Management server is quite simple the only downside is that it will only install and run on a windows server what required me to setup a windows 2003 server in a virtual machine.

Afters download the Oracle Information Rights Management server from the oracle website. To be able to install the server you have to have a Oracle database or a Microsoft SQL database running. I installed a Oracle database for this purpose.

One other thing to consider is that you will need a specific database user which Oracle IRM will be using to connect to the database.

Using Oracle, the rights required by the license server during installation are:

When the installation is done you will have to grant rights for:

The installation is a real windows installation where you will be asked to give a superuser his password and to select the oracle database datasource. After this is done you can click a couple of times next and you have a running IRM server.

To verify that the installation is a success you can try to connect with a client to the server, however if you have this not running you can do a “web ping”. Lets say your Oracle Information Rights Management server is running on you can request the website http:// and you will get a response something similar like this:

[ABC license server@licsvr,4.1 release 05 build 0, 27 dec 2005 11:24:21 utc]

This ping test verifies two factors: that the server is responsive, and that it can communicate with its database. The database test is useful in deployments where the database is remote from the license server, and perhaps beyond a firewall that might impact connectivity.

If unsuccessful, a standard HTTP error indicates which of those factors is not true.

The license server supports a second HTTP test request that, if successful, verifies that the license server can access and return data from its database. The second request is:

Again, you see a status string or a standard HTTP error. The reason for supporting two HTTP tests is that the ping test is as lightweight as possible, whereas the check test requires a little additional processing. The ping test might be used for periodic checking, whereas the check test is suitable for less frequent checking.

An Introduction to the Oracle BI Applications

Mark Rittman has just posted a great post about Oracle and BI which I find personally a great post to read. It will go into detail about Oracle BI products and how to implement them, build upon them and use them. It is giving a great first glance on those products including OBIEE one of my personal favorites at the moment.

“Whilst OBIEE is in itself a pretty well featured business intelligence platform, it’s still only a platform and you have to design and build the data warehouse, metadata repository yourself before you can do any reporting. An alternative to this “do it yourself” approach that Oracle have recently been promoting is the Oracle BI Applications, a packaged set of dimensional star schemas, ETL routines and prebuilt reports and dashboards that you can use with OBIEE. So what are the BI Applications, what technology do they use and how do you get started with them?”

You can find Mark his post at

Download Windows Server 2008

Somehow I have missed the post at MSDN about downloading windows server 2008. It is already some time out there on the internet for everyone who like to take a look at windows server 2008. So if you feel like giving this a testdrive you can go ahead and download it from MSDN.

If you are not enrolled into a Microsoft Beta testing group you will not have access to pre-release download from Microsoft. The second best Microsoft can offer you is the MSDN Evaluation Centre where you can trails from their new software to find out what it is or to test if it can fit in your infrastructure before purchasing the product.

Accoording to Microsoft this are the top 11 Reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2008:
- Server Consolidation and Resource Optimization—Hyper-V
- Flexible Application Access for Remote Users—TS RemoteApp
- Modular, Minimal Installation—Server Core
- Delivering Rich Web Content and Applications—IIS 7.0
- Improved Network Performance and Control—New TCP/IP Stack
- Preventing Unhealthy Devices from Connecting to the Network—NAP
- Supporting Business Continuity for Demanding Workloads—High Availability Features
- Enabling Secure Collaboration—Active Directory Federated Rights Management
- Connecting Heterogeneous Environments
- Enabling Top-Shelf Service and Support for Remote Sites
- Easing Administration, Management, and Automation—Server Manager and PowerShell

To find more details about why you should upgrade, take a look at this “why upgrade” page.

Netvault communication errors

When using Netvault backup software you might from time to time run into the error that when you start the Netvault GUI on a windows machine you get a popup with the error Communication Errors.

The reason for this is in most cases that you startup your laptop (or desktop) and initiate a VPN session to your datacenter where your Netvault server is running. Netvault somehow cannot handle this IP switching which happens when you initiate a VPN connection.

The quickest way to solve this problem is to open your local NetVault Configurator GUI and go to the “Service” tab. Here you will find that the current state of Netvault is running. Click the “Stop Service” button… wait for a couple of seconds and click the “Start Service” button. Now you should be able to start the Netvault GUI without any error.

I personally only encountered this problem in situations where I initiate a VPN connection to the office when I am working from a remote location and have to check the state of the backups.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Roadrunner supercomputer

1.02 petaflops (1.02 quadrillion calculations per second) is giving IBM with the Roadrunner supercomputer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory the number one position in the top500 list. The top500 list as THE list stating the “known” supercomputers in the world.

Running at the Los Alamos National Laboratory the Roadrunner supercomputer is build by IBM with funding the National Nuclear Security Administration. Running 12,240 IBM PowerXCell 8i Cell Broadband Engine processors this is currently the number one supercomputer.

And it will go without saying almost, this one is running Linux……

SMB VOIP servers

Having a small or medium sized company and like to start running a VOIP server? It might be time to look at some options. You can look at the “Response Point” solution from Microsoft or you can look at the opensource asterisk VOIP PBX server.

Ben Brauer and Richard Sprague from Microsoft Research show off Response Point, a new Microsoft technology that makes it easy for small businesses to setup a professional phone system using voice over IP, speech recognition (using the Speech Server voice recognition engine), inbox voice mail, and more, all at a fraction of the cost. As mentioned in the demo, you can actually call Richard's Response Point phone number and try it out yourself!

The opensource asterisk solution might be a little harder to install or manage but it is opensource and is having a very large community to support development and bugfixing.

‘Asterisk is the world's leading open source PBXi, telephony engine, and telephony applications toolkit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions...for free.”

Asterisk is primarily developed on GNU/Linux for x/86 and runs on GNU/Linux for PPC along with OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. Other platforms and standards-based UNIX-like operating systems should be reasonably easy to port for anyone with the time and requisite skill to do so. Asterisk is available in Debian Stable and is maintained by the Debian VoIP Team.

Asterisk supports a wide range of protocols for the handling and transmission of voice over traditional telephony interfaces including H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), and Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP).

Using the Inter-Asterisk eXchange Voice over IP protocol Asterisk merges voice and data traffic seamlessly across disparate networks. The use of Packet Voice allows Asterisk to send data such as URL information and images in-line with voice traffic, allowing advanced integration of information.

Asterisk provides a central switching core, with four APIs for modular loading of telephony applications, hardware interfaces, file format handling, and codecs. It allows for transparent switching between all supported interfaces, allowing it to tie together a diverse mixture of telephony systems into a single switching network.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 is now already for a couple of days shipping and as tradition wants it Microsoft is
sending a cake to the Mozilla Foundation headquarters. The launche is breaking some records, 1.5 million download the first day where expected however 8.3 downloads where registered in the first 24 hours. The download pressure was even so great that the primary download server was down for about 60 minutes. The number of 8.3 download is 5 times greater than the launch of Firefox 2.0.

And those downloads are there for a reason, even do dvlabs announced that a zero day venerability was found five hours after the launch the reasons to upgrade a large.

To review the improvements you can check this page. Mozilla Firefox is stating the following points as the top new features:

Password Manager
Remember site passwords without ever seeing a pop-up.

One-Click Bookmarking
Bookmark, search and organize Web sites quickly and easily.

Improved Performance
View Web pages faster, using less of your computer’s memory.

Smart Location Bar
Find the sites you love in seconds—enter a term for instant matches that make sense.

Instant Web Site ID
Avoid online scams, unsafe transactions and forgeries with simple site identity.

Full Zoom
See any part of a Web page, up close and readable, in seconds.

Platform-Native Look & Feel
Browse with a Firefox that’s integrated into your computer’s operating system.

Vmware Vprobes

In some cases when running a server wit virtual machines from VMware on top you might want to have some more diagnostic tools then only the basics like for example top, nmon or whatever tool you like. Now Vmware is giving you Vprobes. In this demo below you can find out more about Vprobes. Also take a look at those blogposts, which might be interesting to you.

Vprobes can give you information about why your memory is leaking in a virtual machine or why processors are so busy on some occasions.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Interim Network engineer for rent

As you might know if you read this blog frequently I have been assigned a side job in the company I currently work. Which is “Interim Network engineer” and I am rented out to the tech department which is corporate cannibalism as I now have less time to focus on the Oracle Consultant part of my job. However it is fun, and I can spend some time to learn new skills. One of the new skills I am currently trying to master is configuring cisco pix firewalls and specialy cisco pix 501 as we use it on some customer locations to create VPN tunnels to the datacenter so customers have a secure connection.

One thing I have learned is that manuals from cisco are as good as the manuals from Oracle so I turned to google to find some resources. I have to share this website with you because it gave me a quite good head-start on how to configure a pix from the command line.

So I hope to master those cisco pix 501 firewalls over the weekend…. Idle hope I might turn out the be… however… if I succeed in my “quest” you can always contact me about a those cisco pix 501 firewall after that. I will not become a Interim Network engineer for rent but some advise via e-mail I can always give a try… But you might want to try a cisco forum first…

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oracle iStore jsp pages

When looking at Oracle iStore you see that a lot of different JSP pages are used. Now if you are wondering which page is doing what it can be handy to have a list of the main JSP pages can be found in IBE_DSP_ATTACHMENTS_V.

When you execute the following query you will get a list of all the Oracle iStore JSP files:

I have executed this query on a instance and the result is the following. Please keep in mind that your own created JSP’s and such are also listed in this resultset if you have registered them in the correct way as you should do in Oracle. I have excluded the custom content in this resultset.

ibeaads1.jsp Select a particular address
ibeoshdr.jsp Displays the ship header
ibeobhdr.jsp Displays invoice header
ibeocnfm.jsp Confirm a order
ibeoslne.jsp Displays order ship line
ibeoedit.jsp Edit an order
ibeoedtd.jsp Edit an order process page
ibeoslnd.jsp Processes a ship line
ibeoshdd.jsp Processes a ship header
ibeobhdd.jsp Processes a invoice header
ibeosumm.jsp Displays order summary
ibeocnfd.jsp Processes a order confirmation
ibeapmtb.jsp Displays an user payment books
ibeapbsv.jsp Saves an user payment books
ibeasgnn.jsp Store User Signin
ibeahelp.jsp Store Help
ibefbrch.jsp Processes a configurator request
ibefcnfg.jsp Launches the configurator
ibefredr.jsp Redirects request to the configurator
ibeffrms.jsp Provides frame specification to the configurator
ibefdisp.jsp Include page to display a configured item
ibeo1set.jsp Displays express chk out settings
ibeo1sav.jsp Save express chk out settings
ibeo1tag.jsp Displays the area around the chk out tag
ibeo1dob.jsp Processes the express chk out request
ibeo1vew.jsp View a express chk out order
ibeo1ccl.jsp Cancel a express chk out order
ibeo1err.jsp Error during express chk out
ibeopmto.jsp Include page for displaying payment options
ibeiodtl.jsp Shows order detail
ibeiohdr.jsp Order search results page
ibeicatp.jsp Item availibility report
ibeiship.jsp Shipment details
ibeiinvh.jsp Invoice summary
ibeiinvd.jsp Invoice details
ibeipmth.jsp Payment summary
ibeipmtd.jsp Payment summary
ibeiivpd.jsp Invoice payment details
ibeiside.jsp Post sales navigation bar
ibeiatph.jsp Display ATP peaders
ibeiatpr.jsp ATP Redirect page
ibeiaddr.jsp Address display page
ibesccar.jsp Convert Cart to List 1
ibesccbr.jsp Convert Cart to List 1 Process Page
ibesccla.jsp Convert Cart to List 2
ibescclb.jsp Convert cart to list 2 process page
ibescdch.jsp Modify shopping cart
ibescdcr.jsp Modify shopping cart process page
ibescdlh.jsp View shopping cart lists
ibeaadbk.jsp Shows address book entries
ibeaadcr.jsp Create address book entry
ibeaaddl.jsp Deletes an address book entry
ibeaaded.jsp Edit an address book entry
ibeaadpr.jsp Displays the primary address of the customer
ibeaadv1.jsp Displays the address book
ibeaadv2.jsp Displays the address book
ibescdlr.jsp View shopping cart lists process page
ibescpch.jsp View shopping cart discount
ibescrsh.jsp Retrieve sharee shopping cart
ibescrsr.jsp Retrieve sharee shopping cart process page
ibescsch.jsp Save shopping cart
ibescscr.jsp Save shopping cart process page
ibescsmh.jsp Share cart with merchant
ibescsmr.jsp Share cart with merchant process page
ibescssh.jsp Save sharee shopping cart
ibescssr.jsp Save sharee shopping cart process page
ibescuih.jsp Register new user
ibescvch.jsp View shopping cart
ibescvcr.jsp View shopping cart process page
ibescwha.jsp Shopping cart warning page
ibescwhb.jsp Shopping cart warning page
ibesciah.jsp Shopping cart blurb
ibescabh.jsp Add Item to Cart Page for one item
ibescalh.jsp Add Item to Cart Page
ibecskr3.jsp Shows search results
ibecskrf.jsp Refine search criteria
ibeslwar.jsp Shows shopping list errors
ibescedh.jsp Enter customers inv items to cart - direct entry
ibescedp.jsp Processes direct entries
ibesldlh.jsp Displays shopping lists
ibesldhp.jsp Processes shopping lists
ibesldld.jsp Display shopping list
ibesldlp.jsp Processes shopping list
ibeslald.jsp Add items to a list
ibeslalp.jsp Processes addition of items to list
ibeslcla.jsp Save a shopping list
ibeslclp.jsp Process saving of shopping list
ibeacccr.jsp User credit card creation
ibeaccdl.jsp User credit card deletion
ibeacced.jsp User credit card edit
ibeaccex.jsp User credit card expiration
ibeaccpr.jsp User credit card primary
ibeaccv1.jsp User credit card display
ibeahome.jsp User account home
ibealgn1.jsp User account login
ibealgn2.jsp User account authentication
ibealgn3.jsp User account selection
ibealgn4.jsp User account selected
ibealgot.jsp User account logout
ibeamenu.jsp User account submenu
ibebcrus.jsp User creation
ibebmous.jsp User edit
ibebcrac.jsp User account creation
ibebmoac.jsp User account edit
ibebrole.jsp Role Management
ibebperm.jsp Permission Management
ibebuser.jsp User Management
ibebusac.jsp User Account Management
ibebadac.jsp Add User Account
ibeapwd.jsp User Password
ibeawlcm.jsp User welcome bin
ibebwrol.jsp Role Management
ibebwprm.jsp Permission Management
ibebwusr.jsp User Management
ibebwusa.jsp User Account Management
ibebwada.jsp Add User Account
ibecbrte.jsp Catalog - Buy Routing
ibecbrws.jsp Catalog - Hierarchy Browse
ibecdrte.jsp Catalog Display Routing
ibecdrti.jsp Catalog - display routing page included within another page
ibecirel.jsp Catalog - Item Relationship
ibecirte.jsp Catalog - Item Routing
ibecpath.jsp Catalog - Path
ibecfsct.jsp Catalog - featured section
ibeclfsm.jsp Catalog - leaf section allowing to add multiple products to the shopping cart
ibeclfss.jsp Catalog - leaf section allowing to add single product to the shopping cart
ibecddlf.jsp Catalog - drill down to the leaf sections
ibecfsti.jsp Catalog - featured section included within another page
ibeclsmi.jsp Catalog - leaf section allowing to add multiple products to the shopping cart included in another page
ibeclssi.jsp Catalog - leaf section allowing to add single product to the shopping cart included in another page
ibecdlfi.jsp Catalog - drill down to the leaf sections included in another page
ibecfitm.jsp Catalog - featured product
ibeclitm.jsp Catalog - leaf product allowing to add single product to the shopping cart
ibuirms1.jsp IBU_INQUIRIES_RMA
iburse01.jsp IBU_REQUESTS_VIEW
ibupemal.jsp IBU_HELP_EMAIL
ibupfbgl.jsp IBU_HELP_FEEDBACK
ibupcmp.jsp IBU_HELP_CALLME
ibucempl.jsp IBU_REG_EMPLOYEE
ibuclgin.jsp IBU_REG_SELECT
ibudsear.jsp IBU_PATCH_SEARCH
ibumis06.jsp IBU_PATCH_VERIFY
ibudsepd.jsp IBU_PATCH_PRODUCT
ibudsumm.jsp IBU_PATCH_SUMMARY
ibudinst.jsp IBU_PATCH_INSTALL
ibudinsv.jsp IBU_PATCH_SAVE
ibumis10.jsp IBU_USR_ADMIN_ROLE
ibumis12.jsp IBU_USR_ADMIN_PERM
ibumis13.jsp IBU_USR_ADMIN_USER
ibumis14.jsp IBU_USR_ADMIN_ACC
ibumis15.jsp IBU_USR_ADMIN_ADD_ACC
ibukmipc.jsp IBU_USR_ADMIN_ADD_ACC
ibecitmd.jsp Catalog - product detail
ibezhome.jsp Store home page
040000061.jpg Item small image
ibeCFgpBranch.jsp Main logic page to route the return to iStore from Configurator.
ibeCFgpLaunch.jsp Prepares parameters to launch the configurator from iStore.
ibeCOtdAtp.jsp ATP Display Page
ibeCOtpAtp.jsp ATP Processing Page
ibucbcif.jsp IBU_REG_B2C_FORM
ibucbcsv.jsp IBU_REG_B2C_PROCESS
ibucbbsv.jsp IBU_REG_B2B_PROCESS
ibeCFgdDisplay.jsp Display a Configured item in an html table cell.
ibeCFgdFrameSources.jsp Establishes the outer frame set for Configurator DHTML UI to run in.
ibeCFgpRedirect.jsp Initial page for Configurator servlet to post to in returning to iStore and regaining iStore context.
ibeCCkpLineSplit.jsp Modify line level shipping details process page
ibeCCkdLineSplit.jsp Modify line level shipping details display page
ibuccsis.jsp IBU_REG_CSI_PROCESS
ibucbbif.jsp IBU_REG_B2B_FORM
ibeCCtpFSubSct.jsp Parent section short description, long description and additional information, with products names, images and descriptions.
ibeCCtdFSubSctI.jsp Parent section short description, long description and additional information, with products names, images and descriptions.
ibeCUmpAcctWrap.jsp User Account Management
ibeCUmpAddAcctWrap.jsp Add User Account
ibeCUmpPermWrap.jsp Permission Management
ibeCUmpRoleWrap.jsp Role Management
ibeCUmpUserWrap.jsp User Management
ibeCCtpLeafSctSs.jsp Section name, short description and image, with product names, small images and descriptions.
ibeCCtdLeafSctSsI.jsp Section name, short description and image, with product names, small images and descriptions.
ibeCAddAddrBook.jsp Store Address Book
ibeCAdpAddrEdit.jsp Store Address Create
ibeCAdpAddrDelete.jsp Store Address Delete
ibeCAddAddrDsp1.jsp Store Address Display
ibeCAddAddrDsp2.jsp Store Address Display Alternate
ibeCAddAddrDsp3.jsp Store Address Display Alternate 2
ibeCAddAddrEdit0.jsp Store Address Display Form
ibeCAddAddrEdit.jsp Store Address Edit
ibeCCkdCntrct.jsp Contract Checkout
ibeCCkdCntrctChng.jsp Contract Change
ibeCCkpCntrctChng.jsp Contract Change
ibeCCkdCntrctSent.jsp Change Contract
ibeCCkpCntrct.jsp Contract Process
ibeCCkdCntrctText.jsp Contract Text
ibeCCkdHdrDisplay.jsp Header Display
ibeCCkdHdrBillPay.jsp Invoice Header Display
ibescsap.jsp Saves active cart
ibescsar.jsp Save active cart process page
jtfucss.css JTF Style Sheet
ibuhames.jsp IBU_HOMEPAGE_MES
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkStoresS.gif Selected Stores image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkStores.gif Deselected Stores image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLhBinImage.gif Store Live Help Bin Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLhChatImage.gif Store Live Help Chat Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLhPhoneImage.gif Store Live Help Phone Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLhLogoImage.gif Store Live Help Logo Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLhSalesRepImage.gif Store Live Help Sales Rep Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLhrArrowImage.gif Store Live Help Right Arrow Image
ibeCOtdOrdCancelMain.jsp Template for Cancel Order Screen
ibeCScpListQ.jsp Processing page for Quote Listing.
ibeCScdListQ.jsp This is a container page to display Quotes listing
ibeCScdListInclude.jsp This is a dynamic include page which will be used for both Quotes listing and list of Saved Carts page
ibeCScpViewQ.jsp This is a processing page which will be used to display Quote Details.
ibeCScdViewQ.jsp This is a Display page which will be used to display Quote Details
ibeCCkdPmtChng.jsp New page which will be used to Update Payment Information alone.
ibeCCkpPmtChng.jsp New processing page which will be used to Update Payment Information alone.
ibeCCkdLineBillSummary.jsp Summary Page for Line Billing.
ibeCCkdLineBillDetails.jsp Details Page for LineBilling.
ibeCCkpBLineBillPay.jsp Processing Page for Line Billing.
ibeCCkdLineSummary.jsp Common include Page for displaying the lines for Shipping and Billing.
ibeCAcdLiveHelpBin.jsp Live Help Bin Template
ibeCLhdPopUp.jsp Live Help PopUp Page Template
ibeCLhdWaitPage.jsp Live Help Wait Page Template
ibeCLhdErrPage.jsp Live Help Error Page Template
ibeCLhpProcess.jsp Live Help Process Page Template
ibeCCtdMinisites.jsp Specialty Store Display Page
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangDot.gif Language Sparator Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangALL.gif Default Language Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangARS.gif Selected Language Image for ARABIC
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangAR.gif Deselected Language Image for ARABIC
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangDS.gif Selected Language Image for GERMAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangD.gif Deselected Language Image for GERMAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangESAS.gif Selected Language Image for LATIN AMERICAN SPANISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangESA.gif Deselected Language Image for LATIN AMERICAN SPANISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangFS.gif Selected Language Image for FRENCH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangF.gif Deselected Language Image for FRENCH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangJAS.gif Selected Language Image for JAPANESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangJA.gif Deselected Language Image for JAPANESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangKOS.gif Selected Language Image for KOREAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangKO.gif Deselected Language Image for KOREAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangNLS.gif Selected Language Image for DUTCH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangNL.gif Deselected Language Image for DUTCH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangUSS.gif Selected Language Image for AMERICAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangUS.gif Deselected Language Image for AMERICAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangZHSS.gif Selected Language Image for SIMPLIFIED CHINESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangZHS.gif Deselected Language Image for SIMPLIFIED CHINESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangZHTS.gif Selected Language Image for TRADITIONAL CHINESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangZHT.gif Deselected Language Image for TRADITIONAL CHINESE
ibeCCkpHdrBillPay.jsp Invoice Header Process
ibeCCkdOrdReview.jsp Order Review
ibeCCkpOrdReview.jsp Order Review Process
ibeCCkdSalesHelp.jsp Sales Help
ibeCCkpSalesHelp.jsp Sale Help Process
ibeCCkdShipMthds.jsp Shipment Methods
ibeCCkdHdrShip.jsp Ship Header Display
ibeCCkpHdrShip.jsp Ship Header Process
ibeCCkdOrdSummary.jsp Order Summary
ibeCCtdBltSts.jsp list of sections in 2 columns with bullets
ibeCCtpBuyRoute.jsp routing page for add to cart express checkout etc
ibeCCtpDdLfStBl.jsp Parent section short description with all subsections and their child section names.
ibeCCtdDdLfStBlI.jsp Parent section short description with all subsections and their child section names.
ibeCCtpFwdSubSct.jsp display featured sub sectionsor forward to first navigational child
ibeCCtpFSuStMs2.jsp Parent section short description, long description and additional information with product multi-select.
ibeCCtdFSuStMs2I.jsp Parent section short description, long description and additional information with product multi-select.
ibeCCtpFSuStMs3.jsp Parent section short description, long description and additional information, with product multi-select and section link.
ibeCCtdFSuStMs3I.jsp Parent section short description, long description and additional information, with product multi-select and section link.
ibeCCtdItemDetail.jsp Product name, description, large image, additional information, flexfields and related products.
ibeCCtdItemInfo.jsp Product additional information
ibeCCtpLfStIts.jsp Section short description with product multi-select. Includes product names, small images and descriptions.
ibeCCtdLfStItsI.jsp Section short description with product multi-select. Includes product names, small images and descriptions.
ibeCCtpLfStMsL.jsp Section short description, long description and additional information with product multi-select and link to product detail.
ibeCCtdLfStMsLI.jsp Section short description, long description and additional information with product multi-select and link to product detail.
ibeCCtpLfStMs.jsp Section short description, long description and additional information with product multi-select.
ibeCCtdLfStMsI.jsp Section short description, long description and additional information with product multi-select.
ibeCCtpStBlSuSt.jsp Parent section short and long description plus additional information with Subsection List.
ibeCCtdStBlSuStI.jsp Parent section short and long description plus additional information with Subsection List.
ibeCCtdCmnSt.jsp common display page with bins center page menu etc.
ibeCCtpStMmDtIts.jsp Section name, image, long description and additional information with product pull-down list.
ibeCCtdStMmDtItsI.jsp Section name, image, long description and additional information with product pull-down list.
ibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp display routing page
ibeCCtpChStDdIts.jsp All subsection names, short descriptions, images and product pull-down list.
ibeCCtdChStDdItsI.jsp All subsection names, short descriptions, images and product pull-down list.
ibeCOtdInvDtl.jsp Invoice details
ibeCOtdInvDtlMain.jsp Invoice Details Processing Page
ibeCOtdInvPmtDtl.jsp Invoice payment details
ibeCOtdInvPmtMain.jsp Invoice to Payment Details Processing Page
ibeCOtdInvSum.jsp Invoice Summary Display Page
ibeCOtdInvSumMain.jsp Invoice Summary Processing Page
ibeCOtdOrdDtl.jsp Order Detail Display Page
ibeCOtdOrdDtlMain.jsp Order Detail Processing Page
ibeCOtdOrdSum.jsp Order Summary Display Page
ibeCOtdOrdSumMain.jsp Order Summary Processing Page
ibeCOtdPmtDtl.jsp Payment summary
ibeCOtdPmtDtlMain.jsp Payment Details Processing Page
ibeCOtdPmtSum.jsp Payment summary
ibeCOtdPmtSumMain.jsp Payment Summary Processing Page
ibeCOtdShpDtl.jsp Shipment Details Display Page
ibeCOtdShpDtlMain.jsp Shipment Details Processing Page
ibeCOtdWOrdSrch.jsp Walkin Order Search Display Page
ibeCOtpWOrdSrch.jsp Walkin Order Search Processing Page
ibeCScpAddItem.jsp Add Item to Cart Page
ibeCScdSharee.jsp Retrieve sharee shopping cartO
ibeCScdViewA.jsp Modify shopping cart
ibeCScpViewA.jsp Modify shopping cart process page
ibeCScdSave.jsp Save shopping cart
ibeCScdConfirm.jsp Save Cart Process
ibeCScpConfirm.jsp Save and Confirm
ibeCScpSave.jsp Save shopping cart process page
ibeCScdSupportLvl.jsp Support Levels
ibeCScdViewS.jsp View shopping cart
ibeCScdShowCartLines.jsp View Shopping Cart Line
ibeCScdListS.jsp View shopping cart lists
ibeCScpListS.jsp View shopping cart lists process page
ibeCScpViewS.jsp View shopping cart process page
ibeCScdShowCartSummary.jsp View Shopping Cart Sum
ibeCScdWarn.jsp Shopping Cart Warning Display
ibeCScpWarn.jsp Shopping Cart Warning Process
ibeCSrdSrchAdvForm.jsp Advanced Search Form
ibeCSrdSrchResults.jsp Shows search results
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOStltr5_default.gif Tab Deselected Close Image
ibeTabLinkAcct.gif My Account
ibeTabLinkCart.gif Shopping Cart
ibeTabLinkHelp.gif Help
ibeTabLinkOrder.gif Order Tracker
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOStltr6_default.gif Tab Selected Close Image
ibeCAcdPersonalInfo.jsp Personal Information
ibeCAcdLogin.jsp Login
ibeCAcpLogin.jsp Account Authorization
ibeCAcdPassword.jsp Password Change
ibeCAcdPreferences.jsp Order preferences
ibeCAcdChooseAcct.jsp Account Select Display
ibeCAcpChooseAcct.jsp Account Select Processing
ibeCAcdMenu.jsp My account menu
ibeCAcdWelcome.jsp Welcome
ibeCAcdBizUserReg.jsp Bussiness User registration display
ibeCAcpLogout.jsp Logout
ibeCPmdPmtBook.jsp Payment Book processing
ibeCPmdPmtOptions.jsp Payment Options Display
ibeCPmpPmtBook.jsp Payment Book processing
ibeCAcpProfile.jsp User profile
ibeCAcpRegistration.jsp Registration processing
ibeCAcdEndUserReg.jsp End User registration display
ibeCScdEnterPromo.jsp Enter Promotion Code
ibeCScpEnterPromo.jsp Enter Promotion Code
ibeCScdViewPromo.jsp View Promotion Code
ibeCScpViewPromo.jsp View Promotion Code
ibeCSldAddItems.jsp Add items to a list
ibeCSlpAddItems.jsp Processes addition of items to list
ibeCSldListDetail.jsp Display shopping list
ibeCSldLists.jsp Displays shopping lists
ibeCSlpLists.jsp Processes shopping lists
ibeCSlpListDetail.jsp Processes shopping list
ibeCSldSave.jsp Save a shopping list
ibeCSlpSave.jsp Process saving of shopping list
ibeCSldSaveActive.jsp Saving of shopping list to a active cart
ibeCSlpSaveActive.jsp Process saving of shopping list to a active cart
ibeCScdDirectEntry.jsp Enter customers inv items to cart - direct entry
ibeCScpDirectEntry.jsp Processes direct entries
ibeCCtdSctBrwsBin.jsp display catalog hierarchy for browsing
ibeCCtpDrillLeaf.jsp Parent section name, short description and image, with subsections and their product detail.
ibeCCtdDrillLeafI.jsp Parent section name, short description and image, with subsections and their product detail.
ibeCCtdLeafItem.jsp Product name and description within section page.
ibeCCtdSctPath.jsp display path traversed in hierarchy
ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp item display routing
ibeCXpdShowCancel.jsp Cancel a express chk out order
ibeCXpdShowError.jsp Error during express chk out
ibeCXppDoButton.jsp Processes the express chk out request
ibeCXpdShowSettings.jsp Displays express chk out settings
ibeCXppSaveSettings.jsp Save express chk out settings
ibeCXpdShowTag.jsp Displays the area around the chk out tag
ibeCXpdViewPending.jsp View a express chk out order
ibucepcf.jsp IBU_REG_CONFIRM
ibuccsii.jsp IBU_REG_CSI
ibeCCkdQuoteCust.jsp Select customer for quote
ibeCCkdSearchCust.jsp Customer search page
ibeCCkdViewCust.jsp Customer search results page
ibeCCkpViewCust.jsp Process customer search
ibeCCkdSearchAddr.jsp Address search page
ibeCCkdViewAddr.jsp Address search results
ibeCCkpViewAddr.jsp Process address search
ibeCCkdSearchCntct.jsp Contact search page
ibeCCkdViewCntct.jsp Contact search results page
ibeCCkpViewCntct.jsp Process contact search
ibeCCkdCreateCust.jsp Create new customer
ibeCCkpCreateCust.jsp Process customer creation
ibeCCkdCreateCntct.jsp Create new contact
ibeCCkpCreateCntct.jsp Process contact creation
ibeCCkdCreateAddr.jsp Create new address
ibeCCkpCreateAddr.jsp Process address creation
ibeCAddAddrSelCreate.jsp Store Address Select Create
ibeCAddAddrFrmDef.jsp Store Address Default Form
ibeCAddAddrFrmFlex.jsp Store Address Flexible Address Form
ibeSQtdSrch.jsp Enter Search Parameters Display Page
ibeSQtdTbl.jsp Table of Quotes Display Page
ibeSQtdList.jsp List Quotes Display Page
ibeSQtpList.jsp List Quotes Process Page
ibeSQtdMoreHdr.jsp Quote header info for listMore display page
ibeSQtdMoreSrch.jsp Search parameters for listMore display page
ibeSQtdVerTbl.jsp Table of Quote Versions Dispaly Pag
ibeSQtdListMore.jsp List More Versions Display Page
ibeCCkdBHdrBillPay.jsp B2B Bill Payment Display Page
ibeCCkdBHdrShip.jsp B2B Header Shipment Display Page
ibeCCkdCHdrBillPay.jsp B2C Bill Payment Display Page
ibeCCkdCHdrShip.jsp B2C Header Shipment Display Page
ibeCAcdGlobal.jsp Global Store Bin
ibeSQtcAdvItemSrch.jsp Advanced Search component page for quoting
ibeSQtdAdvItemSrch.jsp Advanced Search display page for quoting
ibeSQtpListMore.jsp List More Versions Process Page
ibeSQtdMenu.jsp Quoting Submenu Display Page
ibeSQtdHeader.jsp View Quote Header Details Display Page
ibeSQtdItems.jsp View Quote Item Details Display Page
ibeSQtpItems.jsp View Quote Item Details Process Page
ibeSQtdVersions.jsp View Quote Version History Display Page
ibeSQtpVersions.jsp View Quote Version History Process Page
ibeSQtdIncVer.jsp Increase Quote Version Display Page
ibeSQtdAppend.jsp Append Quote Display Page
ibeSQtpAppend.jsp Append Quote Process Page
ibeSQtdApndMore.jsp List More Versions for Appending Display Page
ibeSQtpApndMore.jsp List More Versions for Appending Process Page
ibeSQtdCreate.jsp Create Quote Display Page
ibeSQtpCreate.jsp Create Quote Process Page
ibeCScdPromoTbl.jsp Table of Promotion Code Display Page
ibeCScdPromoROTbl.jsp Table of Read-ony Promotion Code Display Page
ibeSQtdEnterPromo.jsp Enter Promotion Code Display Page
ibeSQtdViewPromo.jsp Review Promotion Code Display Page
ibeSQtdCopy.jsp Copy Quote Display Page
ibeSQtpCopy.jsp Copy Quote Process Page
ibeSQtdCopyOpt.jsp Copy Quote Options Display Page
ibeCScdDiscounts.jsp View Quote Discount Details Display Page
ibeSQtdPrint.jsp Quote detail Print Display Page
ibeSQtdHdrShip.jsp View quote shipment display page
ibeSQtpHdrShip.jsp View quote shipment process page
ibeCScdCreateAttchForm.jsp Attachments create form
ibeCScdListAttchTable.jsp Attachments list table
ibeCScpCreateAttch.jsp Create attachment process
ibeCScpListAttch.jsp list attachments process
ibeSQtdCreateAttch.jsp quote create attachments
ibeSQtdListAttch.jsp quote list attachments
ibeCScdCreateAttch.jsp shop cart create attachments
ibeCScdListAttch.jsp shop cart list attachments
ibeCScdListAgrmnt.jsp shop cart list agreements
ibeCScpListAgrmnt.jsp shop cart list agreements process page
ibeCScdAgrmntDetail.jsp view current agreement
ibeSQtdListAgrmnt.jsp quote list agreements
ibeCScdMenu.jsp shopping cart sub menu
ibeSQtcList.jsp List Quotes Component Page
ibeSQtdMain.jsp Quote detail Main Display Page
ibeSQtcListMore.jsp List More Versions Component Page
ibeSQtcAppend.jsp Append Quote Component Page
ibeSQtcApndMore.jsp List More Versions for Appending Component Page
ibeSQtcMain.jsp Quote detail Main Component Page
ibeSQtpMain.jsp Quote detail Main Process Page
ibeSQtcIncVer.jsp Increase Quote Version Component Page
ibeSQtcItems.jsp Quote Line Details Component Page
ibeSQtcCopy.jsp Copy Quote Component Page
ibeSQtcCopyOpt.jsp Copy Quote Options Component Page
ibeSQtcEnterPromo.jsp Enter Promotion Code Component Page
ibeSQtcViewPromo.jsp Review Promotion Code Component Page
ibeSQtcVersions.jsp Quote Version History Component Page
ibeSQtpAddItem.jsp SalesRep Add Item Process Page
ibeSQtdItemSrch.jsp Quote Item Search Display Page
ibeCSrdSrchMenu.jsp Item Search Menu Display Page
ibeSQtcItemSrch.jsp Quote Item Search Component Page
ibeCOtcAtp.jsp ATP Component page for Customer and Sales Rep
ibeSOtdAtp.jsp ATP Container page for Sales Person
ibeSQtdSalesCredits.jsp Quote Sales Credits display page
ibeSQtcSalesCredits.jsp Quote Sales Credits component page
ibeSQtdSlsCrTable.jsp Sales Credits Table display page
ibeSQtpSlsCrTable.jsp Sales Credits Table processing page
ibeSQtdSrpSrchRslts.jsp Salesrep Search Results display page
ibeSQtcSrpSrchRslts.jsp Salesrep Search Results component page
ibeSQtpSrpSrchRslts.jsp Salesrep Search Results processing page
ibeSQtdSrpSearch.jsp Salesrep Search page
ibeSQtdTasks.jsp Quote Task Container Page
ibeSQtdNotes.jsp Quote Note Container Page
ibeSQtcListAgrmnt.jsp Quote List Agreements Component Page
ibeSQtcListAttch.jsp Quote List Attachments Component Page
ibeSQtcCreateAttch.jsp Quote Create Attachment Component Page
ibeCCtdItemDesc.jsp Product name and description.
ibeCCtdItemDescImg.jsp Product name, description and large image.
ibeCCtdItemDtlNoImg.jsp Product name, description, additional information, flexfields and related products.
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSutl02_default.gif Bin Open Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSutr02_default.gif Bin Close Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkCartS.gif Selected Cart Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkCart.gif Deselected Cart Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSuspr1_default.gif Selected Account Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSuspr0_default.gif Deselected Account Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkOrderS.gif Selected Order Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkOrder.gif Deselected Order Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkHelpS.gif Selected Help Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeTabLinkHelp.gif Deselected Help Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSutrpx_default.gif Transparent Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSunvbf_default.gif Subtab Top Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSussep_default.gif Subtab Separator Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOStltr0_default.gif Tab Deselected Open Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOStltr1_default.gif Tab Selected Open Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOStltr2_default.gif Tab Deselected Close Deselected Open Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOStltr3_default.gif Tab Deselected Close Selected Open Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOStltr4_default.gif Tab Selected Close Deselected Open Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSsltr1_default.gif Tab Bottom Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSsltr2_default.gif Subtab Curve Top Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSsltr3_default.gif Subtab Curve Bottom Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSsltr4_default.gif Menu Right Edge Top Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSsltr5_default.gif Subtab Bottom Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSsltr6_default.gif Menu Left Edge Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSsltr7_default.gif Menu Right Edge Bottom Image
jtfucss.css Store Style Sheet
ibeCCkdLineShipSummary.jsp Line Shipments Summary Page
ibeCCkdLineShipDetails.jsp Line Shipments Details Page
ibeCScdCfgItemsPopup.jsp Configuration Items Details Popup
ibeCCkpBHdrShip.jsp B2B Shipment Process Page
ibeCCkpBHdrBillPay.jsp B2B Bill Payment Process Page
ibeCScdShare.jsp This is the master control page for both b2b and b2c share cart.
ibeCScdBShare.jsp B2B Share cart display page
ibeCScdCShare.jsp B2C Share cart display page
ibeCScdListRecipients.jsp Share Cart - List recipients include page
ibeCScdViewSharedCart.jsp Shared Cart details for owner and recipients
ibeCZzdMsgBox.jsp Generic Message Page
ibeCScdListControl.jsp Controller page for My Carts/My Quotes pages
ibeCCtdMenu.jsp Store menu page
ibeCScpChangeSvc.jsp Store Cart Change Service Processing Page
ibuCSppesub.jsp User Profile: Support Preferences Processing
pvxCAcdViewAttrMain.jsp View user profile
pvxCOadEditAttrMain.jsp Update Partner Profile
pvxCOadChnlTeamMain.jsp View Channel Team for Partner
pvxCUmdViewAttrMain.jsp User Administration: View User Profile
pvxCRgpPrtAddnlInfo.jsp Processing page for partner types during registration
pvxCPvpEnrlQsnrMain.jsp Displays the partner program questionnaire page
pvxCPvpEnrlCntrtMain.jsp Displays the partner program contract page
pvxCPvpEnrlPInfoMain.jsp Displays the partner program payment information page
pvxCPvpEnrlPCnfmMain.jsp Displays the partner program payment confirmation page
pvxCPvdPrgmDescIncl.jsp Include page to display program overview
pvxCPvdEnrlPBillIncl.jsp Include page to display billing information
ibeSQtcAddServices.jsp Add services to a quote component page
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSwltr1_default.gif Store Bar Top Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSwltr5_default.gif Store Bar Bottom Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSwltr2_default.gif Store Bar Top Curve Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSwltr3_default.gif Store Bar Bottom Curve Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSbtail_default.gif Store Bar Tail Curve Image
ibeCAcdPwdAssist.jsp Password Assistance
ibeCAcpPwdAssist.jsp Password Assistance Processing
ibeCScpBundEduc.jsp Adds Bundle, adds Education, or adds Bundle w/ Education
ibeCScdBundDet.jsp Displays Bundle Details
ibeCCkdShowCommitments.jsp Displays and Assigns Commitments for Cart Lines
ibeCCkdSelectCommitment.jsp Shows available commitments and lets user select one
ibeCCkpSaveCommitments.jsp Saves commitment info into the cart
ibemrbosm.jsp Drilldown For Top Customer Bin
ibemrbosm.jsp Drilldown For Top Product Bin
ibemrbosm.jsp Drilldown For Top Order Bin
ibemrbcnr.jsp Drilldown For Summary Bin
Kurval.jpg Main Logo for Store
ibeCCkdUpdateAddr.jsp Update Address
ibeCCkpUpdateAddr.jsp Update Address Process
ibeCUmpRole.jsp Role processing
ibeCUmdRoleDelCfm.jsp Role Delete
ibeCUmdRoleCreate.jsp Role creation
ibeCCtdAddItemBin.jsp Add Item Bin
ibemrbhome.jsp Data Out Bins Homepage
ibeSQtdCfgAddSvc.jsp Add services to a configuration display page
ibeSQtpCfgAddSvc.jsp Add services to a configuration process page
ibeSQtcCfgAddSvc.jsp Add services to a configuration component page
ibeCCtpShowMedia.jsp Displays common section layout. In the center of the page,embeds logical media passed in as parameter.
ibeCCtdShowMediaI.jsp Displays common section layout. In the center of the page,embeds logical media passed in as parameter.
ibeSQtdAddServices.jsp Add services to a quote display page
ibeSQtpAddServices.jsp Add services to a quote process page
ibeCScdIncSvcTbl.jsp Included warranties display page
ibeCScdSvcDetails.jsp Service details display page
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSusin_default.gif Sign In Image
/OA_MEDIA/ibeEOSusout_default.gif Sign Out Image
ibeCCtdContentI.jsp Store Content Center Page
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangDKS.gif Selected Language Image for DANISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangDK.gif Deselected Language Image for DANISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangES.gif Selected Language Image for SPANISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangE.gif Deselected Language Image for SPANISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangELS.gif Selected Language Image for GREEK
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangEL.gif Deselected Language Image for GREEK
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangFRCS.gif Selected Language Image for CANADIAN FRENCH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangFRC.gif Deselected Language Image for CANADIAN FRENCH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangIS.gif Selected Language Image for ITALIAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangI.gif Deselected Language Image for ITALIAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangIWS.gif Selected Language Image for HEBREW
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangIW.gif Deselected Language Image for HEBREW
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangNS.gif Selected Language Image for NORWEGIAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangN.gif Deselected Language Image for NORWEGIAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangPTS.gif Selected Language Image for PORTUGUESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangPT.gif Deselected Language Image for PORTUGUESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangPTBS.gif Selected Language Image for BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangPTB.gif Deselected Language Image for BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangRUS.gif Selected Language Image for RUSSIAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangRU.gif Deselected Language Image for RUSSIAN
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangSS.gif Selected Language Image for SWEDISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangS.gif Deselected Language Image for SWEDISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangSFS.gif Selected Language Image for FINNISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangSF.gif Deselected Language Image for FINNISH
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangTHS.gif Selected Language Image for THAI
/OA_MEDIA/ibeLangTH.gif Deselected Language Image for THAI
gereedschappen.png gereedschappen
include_slijp_grafiek.html slijpgrafiek
index_polijstgereedschap.html index_polijstgereedschap
1-1_intro.html 1.1-intro
Kurval.jpg Kurval
pvxCPvdEnrlPgCtxIncl.jsp This bin is displayed in the center of the page
ibeCAcpProfMenuHome.jsp iStore Profile Home Page
ibeCZzdNavigator.jsp Generic included display page for table navigation
ibeCOtdRetReviewMain.jsp Returns: Review and Submit Page
ibeCOtdDlvyDtlMain.jsp Shipment Details for Shipment Number Page
ibeCScdMdlItemPopup.jsp Display Model Item Detail in Popup
ibeCScpHdrAdditionalInfo.jsp Additional Information Header processing page
ibeCUmdContactUser.jsp Create Update Contact/User display page
ibeCUmdCreateContact.jsp Create/Update Contact display page
ibeCUmpCreateContact.jsp Create/Update Contact processing page
ibeCOapOrgDetail.jsp Process Organization Details
ibeCRgdPrimaryCreate.jsp Primary user creation display page
ibeCRgpPrimaryCreate.jsp Primary user creation processing page
ibeCRgdPartnerPriCreate.jsp Partner primary user creation display page
ibeCRgdBusinessCreate.jsp Business user creation display page
ibeCRgdPartnerNonPriCreate.jsp Partner business user creation display page
ibeCUmdContactSummary.jsp Contact summary display page
ibeCUmdAssignRole.jsp Assign user roles display page
ibeCUmpAssignRole.jsp Assign user roles display page
ibeCUmdAssignAccount.jsp Assign accounts display page
ibeCUmdShowUserSites.jsp User sites display page
ibeCUmpAssignSites.jsp Assign user sites processing page
ibeCUmdAssignSites.jsp Assign user sites display page
ibeCAcdPrimAcct.jsp Primary Account
ibeCAcpPrimAcct.jsp Primary Account Processing Page
ibeCCpdViewEmail.jsp View User Email
ibeCCpdEmailForm.jsp Email Form
ibeCCppDeleteEmail.jsp Delete Email Processing Page
ibeCCpdViewEmail.jsp View Organization Email
ibeCCpdViewPhone.jsp View User Phone
ibeCCpdViewPhone.jsp View Organization Phone
ibeCCpdViewPhoneIncl.jsp View Phone Include
ibeCCpdPhoneForm.jsp Phone Form Include
ibeCCppEditPhone.jsp Edit Phone Processing Page
ibeCCpdEditTelex.jsp Edit Telex
ibeCCppEditTelex.jsp Edit Telex Processing Page
ibeCUmpRemCustAcctWarn.jsp Remove account processing page
ibeCOtdOrdLineSerialPopupMain.jsp Returns: Serial Number Popup page
ibeCScpComments.jsp Processor for warning page with provision to enter comments
ibeCAcdGroupSiteBin.jsp?groupCode=STORE Display List of sites assigned to Store group
pvxCPvdMngPrtnrBin.jsp Allow VADs to manage partners
ibuCSpdAlertsBin.jsp Display alrt messages to user
ibuCSpdTechLibBin.jsp Publish documents to user from MES
ibeCCtdCmnSctLayout.jsp Section Layout with configurable bins
ibeCOtpShpDtlCustom.jsp Shipping details custom processing page
pvxCPvpEnrlQSmryMain.jsp Displays the partner program questionnaire summary page
pvxCPvpEnrlThankMain.jsp Displays the partner program enrollment confirmation page
pvxCPvdEnrlCmnDpMain.jsp Partner Program Enrollment Common Layout
ibeCOtdRetCreSingleLineMain.jsp Returns: Select Items(Single Order Flow) Page
ibeCCkdSrchListCntct.jsp Contact Search results list page
ibeCScpLineAdditionalInfo.jsp Additional Information Line List processing page
ibeCRgpIndividualUser.jsp Individual user creation processing page
ibeCRgdUserPasswd.jsp Username and Password include page
ibeCUmdRoleMgmt.jsp Available roles list display page
ibeCUmpRoleMgmt.jsp Available roles list processing page
ibeCUmdPAppDet.jsp Approve and reject requests display page
ibeCRgdRegister.jsp Registration Page for displaying Available Usertypes
ibeCAcdPwdExpired.jsp Password Expired
ibeCCpdEditPhone.jsp Edit Phone
ibeCUmpContactSummary.jsp Store contact summary processing page
ibeCScpDirectEntryUpload.jsp Processing page to upload items from a CSV file
ibuCSpdSolveProbBin.jsp Search for a solution
ibeCCtdStDetI.jsp Shows section detail with generic content and configurable layout, included in another page
ibeCZzdDFlexLovContainer.jsp Descriptive FlexField LOV Container Display Page
ibeCScpCShare.jsp B2C Share cart processing page
ibeCScpViewSharedCartQuote.jsp Shared cart/quotes processing page
ibeCScdListSharedByUser.jsp List of all carts/Quotes shared by cart owner
ibeCScdListSharedToUser.jsp List of all carts/quotes shared to recipient
ibeCCtdBottom.jsp Store footer page
ibuCSpdesubMain.jsp User Profile: Support Preferences Processing
pvxCAcdSalesPrefMain.jsp Select sales preferences
pvxCUmdEditAttrMain.jsp User Administration: Update User Profile
pvxCUmdUsrPrefIncl.jsp Displays partner user preferences
pvxCRgdUsrPrefIncl.jsp Displays user preferences during registration
pvxCPvdEnrlPCnfmIncl.jsp Include page to display program payment confirmation
ibeCOtdRetDtlMain.jsp Returns: Details Page
ibeCScpMdlItemDetail.jsp Model Item Detail Processing Page
ibeCOadAdministrators.jsp Display Organization Administrators
ibeCRgpPartnerPriCreate.jsp Partner primary user creation processing page
ibeCUmpAssignAccount.jsp Assign user accounts processing page
ibeCUmdShowUserAccount.jsp User accounts display page
ibeCCppDeletePhone.jsp Delete Phone Processing Page
ibeCUmpContactUser.jsp Create Update Contact/User processing page
ibeCRgdBusinessPhone.jsp Store business user registration phone numbers include display
ibeCUmdUpdateSiteWarn.jsp Assign/revoke sites warning display page
ibeCAcdGroupSiteBin.jsp?groupCode=SUPPORT Display List of sites assigned to Support group
pvxCPvdPrgmNewBin.jsp Display list of programs available for enrollment
pvxCPvdPrgmUpgradeBin.jsp Display list of programs available for upgrade
ibuCSpdCallMeBin.jsp Provide call agent functionality to get support
ibeCCtdStMlSubStI.jsp Shows list of multilevel subsections associated with generic content and configurable layout, included in another page
ibeCRgdError.jsp Registration error page used to display error messgage in User Registration Process
ibeCScdModifyRecipients.jsp Share Cart - Modify recipients display page
ibeCScpModifyRecipients.jsp Share Cart - Modify recipients Processing page
ibeCScdShowCartSummary.jsp This template is used to map cart total amount (tax, S&H, sub-total region) on shopping cart page
ibeCScpAgrmntDetail.jsp Processing page for agreement detail view
ibeCScdViewSharedQuote.jsp Shared quote details for owner and recipient
ibeCScdWarnDelete.jsp Delete cart warning page
ibeCScpWarnDelete.jsp Delete cart warning processing page
ibeCScdShRetrieve.jsp Shared cart retrieval by retrieval number page
ibeCAcdRegistrationI.jsp Store common user information page
ibeCCndSvaSvcList.jsp Product name, description, image, additional information, flexfields and services
ibeCCtdSvcItmList.jsp Component page to display the list of service items with radio buttons
pvxCAcdEditAttrMain.jsp Update user profile
pvxCPvpEnrlPBillMain.jsp Displays the partner program billing information Page
pvxCPvdEnrlThankIncl.jsp Include page to display program enrollment confirmation
ibeCCkdSrchListAddr.jsp Address Search results list page
ibeCZzpDFlex.jsp Descriptive FlexField Generic Processing
ibeCScpItemFFInfoDetail.jsp Additional Information Line Detail processing page
ibeCRgpPartnerNonPriCreate.jsp Partner business user creation processing page
ibeCRgdIndividualUser.jsp Individual user creation display page
ibeCUmdShowUserRole.jsp User roles display page
ibeCUmpUserAutoAppr.jsp Processing Page for Auto Approving Users when the Approver and Creator are same
ibeCAcpPwdExpired.jsp Password Expired Processing
ibeCCppEditEmail.jsp Edit Email Processing Page
ibeCCpdViewTelexIncl.jsp View Telex Include
ibeCScdDirectEntryUpload.jsp Upload items to direct entry screen from a CSV file
ibeCCtpStNBlSuSt.jsp Parent section name, short description plus additional information with Subsection List.
ibeCZzdStatus.jsp Store Error Message Include Page
ibeCScpBShare.jsp B2B Share cart processing page
ibeCCtdSvaItmDtl.jsp Component page to display the detail of the serviceable product
pvxCPvdEnrlPInfoIncl.jsp Include page to display program payment information
ibeCOtdRetCreMultiLineMain.jsp Returns: Search & Select item(Multi Order Flow) Page
ibeCOtdRetConfirmMain.jsp Returns: Confirmation Page
ibeCOtdLineBillMain.jsp Returns: Billing Details Page
ibeCScdMdlItemLines.jsp Display Model Item Lines
ibeCZzdDFlex.jsp Descriptive FlexField Generic Display
ibeCOadOrgDetail.jsp Display Organization Details
ibeCRgdPersonInfoIncl.jsp User information like First/Last name and email
ibeCCpdEditEmail.jsp Edit Email
ibeCCppDeleteTelex.jsp Delete Telex Processing Page
ibeCCpdOrgAddrBook.jsp View Address Book
ibeCAcdQuickLinkBin.jsp Display responsibility menu links
pvxCPvdPrgmRenewBin.jsp Display list of programs available for renewals
ibeCCtdStNBlSuStI.jsp Parent section name, short description plus additional information with Subsection List.
ibeCScdAddRecipients.jsp B2B Share Cart - Add recipients display page
ibeCScpAddRecipients.jsp B2B Share Cart - Add recipients processing page
ibeCCkdLineShipBillDtls.jsp Line level shipping & billing details.
ibeCSldListWarn.jsp Warning page for shopping list
ibeCSlpListWarn.jsp Warning processing page for shopping list
ibeCCtdTop.jsp Store look and feel display settings page
pvxCOadViewAttrMain.jsp View Partner Profile
pvxCOadMmbrshipMain.jsp View Current Partner Memberships
pvxCRgdPrtAddnlInfo.jsp Displays partner types during registration
pvxCPvdEnrlStartMain.jsp Partner Program Start Enrollment Processing Page
pvxCPvpPrgmDescMain.jsp Displays the partner program overview page
pvxCPvdEnrlQsnrIncl.jsp Include page to display program questionnaire
pvxCPvdEnrlQSmryIncl.jsp Include page to display program questionnaire summary
pvxCPvdEnrlCntrtIncl.jsp Include page to display program contracts
ibeCCkdHdrBillPayFlex.jsp Header Level Additional Information in Billing Page
ibeCOtdRetSumMain.jsp Returns: Summary Page
ibeCScdSvaCfgItem.jsp Display Serviceable Config Item
ibeCScdMdlItemDetail.jsp Display Model Item Detail
ibeCScdItemFFInfoDetail.jsp Additional Information Line Detail Display
ibeCRgdRegContainer.jsp Container Page for Registration
ibeCRgpBusinessCreate.jsp Business user creation processing page
ibeCUmdRoleCrUpd.jsp Roles creation and update display page
ibeCUmpRoleCrUpd.jsp Roles creation and update processing page
ibeCUmdRoleDel.jsp Roles remove display page
ibeCUmpShowUserRole.jsp User roles processing page
ibeCUmdPApproval.jsp Pending approval requests list display page
ibeCUmpPApproval.jsp Pending approval requests list processing page
ibeCUmpPAppDet.jsp Approve and reject requests processing page
ibeCUmpRoleDel.jsp Remove roles processing page
ibeCRgdEnrollFail.jsp Registration jsp used for showing enrollment errors
ibeCCpdViewEmailIncl.jsp View Email Include
ibeCCpdViewTelex.jsp View Organization Telex
ibeCCpdTelexForm.jsp Telex Form Include
ibeCUmdRemCustAcctWarn.jsp Remove account warning display page
ibeCOtdOrdLineDtlMain.jsp Order Details: Item Detail Page
ibeCScdComments.jsp Warning display page with provision to enter comments
ibeCAcdGroupSiteBin.jsp?groupCode=PARTNER Display List of sites assigned to partner group
pvxCPvdMyOffrdOppBin.jsp Display list of new offered oppotunities to partners

Monday, June 16, 2008

A History of Evil

What is evil, what is wrong and what not? The question mankind is asking itself from day 0. Well in the animation movie below we have at least a history of evil.

animated Documentary-Mockumentary about Evil in western civilization from Ancient Greece to present day.

After all the comments I feel like some clarification is in order, but firstly, to you guys that liked it:

Thanks, you've made my day.

The film was intended to show what people have believed in and pointed to as evil throughout history. It was meant to get you to think about what evil really is. It is meant to show that when we get too obsessed with "evil" we might end up taking part in it ourselves.

One has to separate evil and human cruelty. Human cruelty is people not being nice to one another. Evil is soemthing else, it is something we have created, a word and a concept for things that are not acceptable. It is a label for things that we do not understand and dont want to understand.

But is evil really ever a complete explanation for anything?

A lot of bad deeds has been done in the name of good. The people that did them ment good, are they evil?

OK, and finally,
This video is not meant to:

-blame wester culture and people for all the "evil" in the world. I'm european, and thought that I better stick to my own history.
-blame religion for all the evil in the world.
-claim that God is dead. (It is simply a reference to the philosopher Nietzsche, look him up.)
-offend anyone, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
-claim that Elvis was evil.
-be an exact and complete account of the actual events that has taken place throughout history.

This was a student project, hence the "unfinishedness" and abrupt ending. I ran out of time. I might update it later.

It was animated frame by frame in flash and composited and textured in AfterEffects."