Thursday, May 28, 2015

Exalogic based Big Data Strategy

I recently published a whitepaper on Exalogic based Big Data Strategy which go's primarily into how you can capture the data from, as an example, sensors. Most big data strategies go into how you can handle the data as soon as it lands inside you Hadoop cluster. There is however also a need for a clear strategy on how you capture the data before you can use it.

Not having a clear strategy on capturing data to be used within a wider big data strategy can be killing for a big data project. This paper go's into how you can use Oracle Exalogic in this process to ensure that you have a flexible and well performing solution for data acquisition.

You can find the article at the Capgemini website or you can read it below.

Oracle building blocks for future enterprise services

As we observe the direction enterprises are heading into with regards of their IT footprint we can observe a number of interesting trends. None of them are new, however, we see them picking up more and more momentum and becoming the new standard within enterprise IT. If we take a look at some of the directions enterprises are moving into and what the demands are from the internal users in the form of business departments we see the challenges faced.

The questions asked by the business are in some cases against the traditional way of working and doing things. To be able to implement them and satisfy the business some radical change is needed in some cases. Not only in the way IT departments work, also in the way the entire IT landscape is architected and how the entire IT landscape traditionally is build.

To be able to move from a traditional way of working, in most cases, a combination of application as well as infrastructure modernization and rationalization is needed.

To read the full blogpost please visit the Oracle blog.