Sunday, June 15, 2008

Deloitte market news

Strange, when looking at the Deloitte Global headlines I noticed 2 reports coming out. The first is named “Deloitte consumer index shows an upturn”, the second is named “Preparing for an economic storm”.

The first report is stating:

The Deloitte Research Leading Index of Consumer Spending (the "Index") increased in June putting a break on the free fall the Index has experienced since October 2007. The Index attempts to track consumer cash flow as an indicator of future consumer spending.
"The upturn in the Index is a result of key indicators performing relatively better than in previous months," said Dr. Ira Kalish, Consumer Business director Deloitte Research, a subsidiary of Deloitte Services LLP. "The tax burden decreased, and we saw a lower decline in real wages compared to the previous month. However, house prices continue to pull the index down sharply and a weak employment situation is the key risk for consumer spending in the months ahead."

The second report is stating:
To say the least, retailers, especially those with sales principally in developed economies, are facing a challenging environment. Global credit markets have seized up, food and energy prices are skyrocketing, and consumer spending has weakened.
But there is some good news. Retailers can survive, and even thrive, during volatile economic times by building business models that are more responsive, adaptable, and efficient with resources and assets. This report provides perspective on the many trends that are creating today’s tough environment and suggests several ways retailers can turn these challenges into opportunities.

Is deloite here stating that the “break on the free fall” is only temporarily and that companies have to make sure they are ready for very hard times. Personally when I look at the financial and market newspapers and websites I am subscribed to I get the feeling that the economic freefall we “have” seen is only temporarily and that the US economy will be helped from falling by other big players in the world economic market. You will have to have some war cash as a company, however, I do not have the feeling that the majority of the companies will have to start spending their savings in the upcoming time and that they will be able to ride this storm out on their normal budget.

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