Sunday, June 01, 2008

Shop 2.0

A new way of shopping without the webshop and still we can call it shop2.0…. When walking in a city you can encounter from time to time a shopping window where you see something of your interest however you are not willing to go inside to get more information about the product. Or even worse, you would love to go in but the shop is closed.

The thing you could do is to get your mobile phone and surf to the website of the shop and get more information. The other option is now provided by Philips research lab that has created the Intelligent Shop Window. This window is displaying information to the customer and can interact with the customer. You can see it as touch screen on the store window. Currently the screen is shown in the Philips ExperienceLab at the high-tech campus in Eindhoven.

Now imagine having a see-through touch screen on your shops window, the options are virtually endless. You can have product demonstration on the window, give customers the possibility to find more information and even send that information to their e-mail address if requested, upload it via Bluetooth to their mobile phone…. All kinds of narrowcasting possibilities are coming to mind.

But in the end…. The first one who has this in the city is just the most cool looking shop there is…

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