Monday, June 16, 2008

A History of Evil

What is evil, what is wrong and what not? The question mankind is asking itself from day 0. Well in the animation movie below we have at least a history of evil.

animated Documentary-Mockumentary about Evil in western civilization from Ancient Greece to present day.

After all the comments I feel like some clarification is in order, but firstly, to you guys that liked it:

Thanks, you've made my day.

The film was intended to show what people have believed in and pointed to as evil throughout history. It was meant to get you to think about what evil really is. It is meant to show that when we get too obsessed with "evil" we might end up taking part in it ourselves.

One has to separate evil and human cruelty. Human cruelty is people not being nice to one another. Evil is soemthing else, it is something we have created, a word and a concept for things that are not acceptable. It is a label for things that we do not understand and dont want to understand.

But is evil really ever a complete explanation for anything?

A lot of bad deeds has been done in the name of good. The people that did them ment good, are they evil?

OK, and finally,
This video is not meant to:

-blame wester culture and people for all the "evil" in the world. I'm european, and thought that I better stick to my own history.
-blame religion for all the evil in the world.
-claim that God is dead. (It is simply a reference to the philosopher Nietzsche, look him up.)
-offend anyone, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
-claim that Elvis was evil.
-be an exact and complete account of the actual events that has taken place throughout history.

This was a student project, hence the "unfinishedness" and abrupt ending. I ran out of time. I might update it later.

It was animated frame by frame in flash and composited and textured in AfterEffects."

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