Tuesday, August 08, 2006

London and good food...

Real London busses, black London cabs, English tea and Sicilian pizza. Sicilian pizza was what I got in the evening, at least that was what the menu was telling me. I have been to Sicilia once, the picture shows exactly the view we hade from the Apartment, on a holiday with Krista and we hade pizza, the real Sicilian pizza in a little tavern with sea view and it was one of the best pizza’s I ever had.

So as this was a real Sicilian restaurant in the centre of London where the rent is high I was reasoning that the food must be great as they would like to stay in business. How disappointed I was. With a lot of good manners and some drinks I managed to finish my plate but the main problem was that British for sure influenced the Sicilian pizza. In my opinion the art of the British kitchen is to make everything taste exactly the same, make it taste as cardboard. So my pizza had the same taste as everything else in Brittan, as cardboard.

The problem is I like good food, I like flavors surprising me, tickle me to take the next bite. Food must be an adventure. Problem in England this is not the case. If someone knows a good affordable restaurant in London please do inform me.


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