Monday, August 28, 2006

Microsoft channel9

By now people reading this weblog and people knowing me from day to day life know I am not a very big fan from Microsoft. Also some people know that it is still have the intention to change all my computers to Linux, UNIX or Mac OS by the end of this year.

However the stage of bashing Microsoft is over, I have to admit that they also produce some good products. Ok I am still convinced that there operating system should never be used as a server platform, you do not want to use there clustering options and you do not want to run anything on it you want to have really really secure but they make a nice and easy to understand tools.

And to be honest, running a company employing thousands and thousands of developers and steering those developers to deliver a product is a job most of us could never do. So I do have some respect for Microsoft and they way they are running a tight ship up there.

Looking at there channel9 page gives you a little insight on the way they do this and it is a very good source to obtain some insight information on what runs in the harts and minds of the Microsoft developers. So I can suggest to all of you to take a look and get some more insight on Microsoft.

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