Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No Flight until Sunday.

More than a week is passed after my last entry on my weblog. I think some people might wonder how flight back was on Friday. Despite all the good things on the news and the assurance on from British Airways that all should be fine my flight was canceled after four hours of waiting.

So after four hours of waiting on a airport, which could very well have been in a warzone according to the number of armed people, I found myself stuck in London again. Even do British Airways canceled my flight I could convince them to arrange me a hotel and a quick flight back. The first reaction of the BA people was that the first flight back available to me would be on Sunday morning.

I had some words like “the company policy of having British Airways as preferred carrier could change if I am not in Amsterdam tomorrow” and things like, “if you are not able to place me on a direct flight to Amsterdam than arrange a flight to Paris and from Paris to Amsterdam”. This however changed the BA policy in such a way that they where able to arrange in a timeframe of 2 minutes a room at the Hilton Hotel and a business class seat on the first flight the next morning. So I was able to make it home even do it took me a couple of hours more than normaly could have been expected.

In my next post I will go into some of the security things I encountered on the airport.

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