Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap, a phrase found in the London underground, or the tube as they call it in London. Mind The Gap is a sign warning you for the gap between the platform and the carriage. And this is really a big gap indeed. If you do not know it is there the changes of you stepping into it is real.

As we see from time to time those kinds of phrases are picked up by public as a normal phrase and it is used on shirts or even Bikini Bottoms. As the “mind the gap” phrase is used on more than only the concrete of the platform there are more odd things about the London tube. During the second world war is was used as a bomb shelter for the public. Terrorists bombed it, it is used in hundreds of books and the story is it is used by spies to do all kinds of tricky things.

Blogs are devoted to it and, as for every form of public transportation around the world, there are fans collecting everything about the tube. You kind find website’s about the tube and there is a tube etiquette, unofficial, but I think a lot of the people using the tube stick to this.

Personally I have used the tube now to get around in London and I have to say I understand why people do love the London tube and I also understand why some people hate the London tube.

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Craig said...

Finally, I understand the phrase "Mind the Gap". I've heard it several times in Adam Curry's "Yanks vs. the Brits" segment.