Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lynne and Tessa

Looking at the Internet most of the people exposing themselves in a strange way can be categorized under total freaks causing people to say things like “please don’t do that again”, “aaaah my eyes are burring out of my skull”, “why do fat people always want to pose naked, argh” or saying things like “I will become a monk in Tibet and will never look at a computer again”. However from time to time there are people who start with a joke and are picked up by the Internet community and become quite famous in a good way.

The German girls Lynne and Tessa can be placed in the last group, people starting with a joke and become famous on the internet. Singing song and hadbanging in front of camera makes these girls famous on Google video, YouTube and alike. Just take a look at some of there videos and enjoy. I can say I am a big fan of these girls and they make my happy every time a watch one of there video’s. Girls keep up the good work!

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