Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oracle eBS change username

Amar Padhi is running a showing a nice explanation on how to change the username of a user in Oracle eBS. I encountered this option due to the fact that I was looking into some requests from a customer which involves the mass change of a userbase in Oracle eBS. This particular customer is in need to change a large set of its usernames to be able to be compliant with internal rules and regulations concerning usernames.

The initial idea was to create new accounts and end-date the old accounts in Oracle eBS. However, it turns out that you can rename them by making use of the change_user_name function which can be found in the fnd_user_pkg package in the database.

The example Amar is using on his weblog is the example below:
                               x_old_user_name => 'AMARKP', 
                               x_new_user_name => 'AMAR.PADHI'

Without much effort you could create a script to mass update all the users that are in need of an update. You do most likely would like to add some reporting, logging and notification to this script to make it robust however the use of fnd_user_pkg.change_user_name will play a central role.


Anonymous said...

It would generate lot of workflow events, your workflow system should be good enough to process these events in time....

Johan Louwers said...

True... however you can work around the workflow issue if you code smartly and your workflow engine should be able to cope with a high load anyway... so if your workflow mailer engine for example brakes it was already incorrect implemented (in my opinion).