Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oracle NoSQL port settings

Installing and running an Oracle NoSQL server is in no comparison with installing and running a traditional Oracle Database. Download and execute one command and you are up and running with your first node in your NoSQL cluster. (the very simple approach)

If you have not been looking at on what port is running what you might want to be able to find out where your management server is running and which port is used for your database. To find the ports it is running at you can look in the log file of your NoSQL server located at the kvroot directory and which is named in most cases snaboot_0.log

What you would be looking for a the following kind of lines;
Creating a Registry on port
Starting Web service on port 5001

The first line shows you that you are running the Oracle NoSQL database at port 5000 and the second line indicates that the web service (admin console ) is running on port 5001

When taking a closer look at the logfile you might have noticed a hint to where you can change this. You have to look for a line similar to this one:
12-21-11 12:38:15:409 CET INFO [snaService] Starting, configuration file: ./kvroot/config.xml

If you check the config.xml you will notice  what you can change. This will be the main file to edit when you want to change the settings of your Oracle NoSQL node.

<config version="1">
  <component name="bootstrapParams" type="bootstrapParams">
    <property name="adminHttpPort" value="5001" type="INT"/>
    <property name="hostingAdmin" value="true" type="BOOLEAN"/>
    <property name="storeName" value="kvstore" type="STRING"/>
    <property name="storageNodeId" value="1" type="INT"/>
    <property name="hostname" value="" type="STRING"/>
    <property name="haHostname" value="" type="STRING"/>
    <property name="rootDir" value="./kvroot" type="STRING"/>
    <property name="haPortRange" value="5010,5020" type="STRING"/>
    <property name="registryPort" value="5000" type="INT"/>

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