Thursday, December 22, 2011

A doodle or visual thinking

I do love whiteboards, I love scratchpads, I do love to doodle and I love to work with photoshop. even though I do love to do this I am not a very good artist as some people are and when I draw a tree everyone starts wondering what it is. However, using it to explain things is a very usefull tools. Standing in front of a whiteboard with a couple of people and blueprint a new enterprise IT landscape on a whiteboard is the best way to take the first steps in my opinion. The main reason why whiteboard vendors sell whiteboards I guess.

One other thing I do love, most of the times, is the infographics, Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly. It is a real nice way to show you what people mean and explain complex systems very quickly. making them is an art in my opinion.

I always thought that just doodle something and draw your thinking on a whiteboard was something we humans are just natural to do... now I just learned that we have a very cool, fancy and hip word for it and, as it go's without saying, a way of thinking and very expensive management trainings for. It is called visual thinking; "Picture thinking, visual thinking , visual/spatial learning or right brained learning is the common phenomenon of thinking through visual processing using the part of the brain that is emotional and creative to organize information in an intuitive and simultaneous way."
I personally think it is just a cool way to display your thoughts and get things done. And if you are really really good you can make something like what Steven Johnson has done below. Making a cool video on "WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM";

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