Saturday, June 17, 2006

A nice day.

I have to face it and I have to admit it..... I am a computer person. I am addicted to my computer,.... most of the times I come home and my girlfriend is not there the first thing I do is booting my private laptop. I open the door and walk directly into the ‘home office’ I share with my girlfriend. The server is always up and running so I only have to boot my laptop. Take of my jacket and start working, playing, surfing or what ever. In the previous posting I mentioned that at this moment it is beautiful weather, I spend some hours outside walking the scenery of the city we moved to a couple of months back, the city of Amersfoort a nice old city close to the bigger city Utrecht. We did not hade the time to discover it very well so I thought I spend some time walking the scenery. Walking here the only thing I could think of was that I should take some pictures to update the weblog. And so I did.

I like to show you some of the pictures so you can get an impression of where I live and from where this weblog is updated. You have to remember these pictures have been taken in the city center and we live just outside the city center, a five minute walk the most but the area we live in contains mostly buildings build last year so we do not own one of the old residences.

As you can see the weblog is updated directly, the weather is till perfect so I took my laptop outside and wrote this update from the garden using my WiFi network to stay connected to the internet. This is the first time I use the WiFi network outside the house and I have to say this is something that will be repeated the future.

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