Monday, June 05, 2006

Finally started my weblog again completely new and revised as it should become a part of my new website. The website will become my new website on which I am at this moment still working. I still have problems with some parts of the coding but those will be solved in a matter of days. As the website will become a sort of home to all the projects and the information released by the terminalcult group there will not be a lot of room for a personal part. This is the reason for the creation of this weblog.

There will however be a part of the terminalcult website be devoted to the members of terminalcult and on my private section I will for sure make RSS-parser section where I will parse the blogger RSS feed of this weblog into the website. At this moment I am also investigation the possibilities to integrate the entire blogger weblog into the terminalcult website using iFrame.

All the talking about integrating is however something that is for a later moment, first I have to get this weblog up and running and add some content to it. In the past couple of days the idea of getting my one weblog again was causing me to write some small notes down and already creating some articles to be posted those I will try to integrate in some of the postings I am planning to post in the upcoming days.

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