Monday, June 05, 2006

iPod nano

Because of the fact that Krista, my girlfriend, was celebrating a lot of things in a single week I was almost entitled to give here more than a single gift. I a single week she was celebrating here birthday, she became a doctor of medicine, applied for a job and got it and the planning was she should pick-up here new car. All those things made me think that I should buy here some nice gifts and so I did.

As one of things she wanted was a Apple iPod I got here a brand new iPod nano, the side effect of this gift was I got here finally interested in the MP3 collection I have on our home network and caused here to finally digitalize here CD collection into a MP3 collection. However now the problem occurs that she is thinking about a way to play those MP3 files stashed on the network in the living room, making us think about a player with a option to connect a iPod.

The moment you start looking and buying things from Apple you are virtually lost, all the things Apple is selling are just beautiful in design. The iPod nano itself is a beauty and all the speaker sets you can buy are equally designed. Currently we are looking into a Eclipse Lul├ęt 307PASV Stereo Speakers with Amplifier, A true beauty, at least that is the opinion I have.... If this will be what will make the apartment more swinging is still the question as Krista is still browsing the Apple website and is now checking the Monitor Audio i-deck.

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