Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finally a new laptop.

Finally received my new company laptop this afternoon. Finally,… I can still not understand that this can take such a long time in a company the size I work for or maybe that is the problem. Bureaucracy is maybe the root cause that those things go slow in a company like this. However bureaucracy was only on delivery time concerning the laptop, during a conversation I mentioned that I was in need of a new laptop and the papers where to request one where filled in minutes. My request to keep my old computer was not a problem and the requests to completely install and configure my new laptop were granted without any problem.

I came with a standard windows 2000 installation with MS office, MS Visio and MS projects and that was it, just as I requested. As many of you in tech know a workstation is somewhat personal, it will be your main tool even do you might be working directly on servers your workstation will be your starting point containing all the tools you have acquired during time and all scripts you have developed. It will take time and tact to install it all in a way that it can be used without any problem.

Especially as you are using a local development environment you like to setup this yourself. So I have spend most of the afternoon installing and configuring all sorts of developer suites and tools and shifting script libraries onto my new laptop. I will keep my old workstation as a backup for a couple of days but the planning is to change this into my second Linux workstation. I already run one Debian Linux distribution a second will be added in a couple of days… Finally!!

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