Tuesday, June 06, 2006

For mein fraulein

On or around May 8 someone posted a message to the ad site Craigslist, the message is by now removed. The message contained the following:

> For mein fraulein
> Mein Fraulein, I haven't heard from you in a while. Won't you
> call me? 212 //// 796 //// 0735

The phone number indicates this is a number in New-York. If someone calls (called) the number an intro music followed by strings of numbers in groups of five, each group repeated once. I heard from it first in the 'off the hook' radio show, episode May 24, done by Emmanuel Goldstein. Here it was said it was most likely a new variant of a short-wave radio number station now done by phone numbers.

The message reads:

Group 415
01305 60510 12079 04606 50100
93000 08203 90130 94069 01207
81080 17028 01706 90220 73038
01401 70150 15073 00402 00680
12013 12510 00540 04091 01401
30150 86022 09608 10660 02082
05507 00020 00000 02208 30290
08022 01200 40710 13065 02709
40190 29014 02200 80020 11083
07300 30260 19000 00700 00000

Number stations where commonly used on short wave radio and it is assumed that they where used to broadcast 'encrypted' information to agents in the field who where working for secret services. It is known a lot of countries where using those kind of 'number stations' Online you can find recordings recorded by radio amateurs along the years. After the cold war the number of messages broadcasted and the number of stations was rapidly decreasing. This could be the cause of the number of agents was decreasing or, as we think of it at this moment, there was a new technique used.

You can find a lot of the old recordings of those number stations online at the archive website

Meanwhile a second posting is done on Craigslist with a new phone number; also this will give the person who dials it a intro music and new numbers. It could be a new version of a number station, it could be a recruiting add from Google, it could be a recruiting add from the NSA or a agency like it, it could be a love letter from one cryptanalyst to another, it could be something very sinister. At this nobody has a clue on what this could be. As for a fact a lot of people are trying in a lot of ways to decrypt this message even as they are unsure if this can be decrypted.

Anyhow it is a very interesting subject, not only this case but the entire story about number stations and strange signals send over short-wave. I will try to collect some more data about this and post it in a way I will not create some new hoax and give conspiracy theorists enough to talk to for the upcoming years.

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