Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Oracle Fusion CRM components

Oracle Fusion is the new and next integrated solution from Oracle for handling a large number of ERP and CRM tasks in one integrated platform. Oracle Fusion will be replacing a large number of products which are currently seen across enterprises and is commonly referred to as the next version of Oracle e-Business suite (which is true in some sense however to limited).  Next to a new technology architecture Oracle fusion is also having a new functional architecture which is good to understand if you want to be able to use the full potential of Oracle Fusion.

Oracle fusion is broken down in a couple of main compartments as can be seen below. Main components for Oracle Fusion are "Oracle Fusion Financial Management", "Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management", "Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management", "Oracle Fusion Product Portfolio Management", "Oracle Fusion Procurement" and "Oracle Fusion CRM". Next to this there is "Oracle Fusion GRC".

As can be seen all main components are broken down in smaller sets of functionality. For Oracle Fusion CRM we have six main functional area's and we have the KPI's, Dashboards and Extensibility FW" area. In the representation as shown above it is not making that much sense from a business perspective. However if we present it in a different visual manner it is showing some more of its capabilities.

Here we can see what Oracle Fusion CRM part used during which phase of the business operation. For a sales cycle we have "Sales Planning", "Sales Prospecting" and "Saes Productivity" all backed by the foundational part of Oracle Fusion CRM and all reported on by the KPI's and dartboard integration provided.  In the below video from Oracle you get a short introduction on Oracle Fusion CRM:

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