Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Using Oracle Business Process Management

I was recently asked to help some people with looking into the processes and procedures of one of our clients at Capgemini. I was involved at this customer due to the fact that they have a large Oracle landscape which is used across the EMEA region and as I am already familiar with the customer and I have done already work in setting up processes and procedures to connect demand organizations within the Capgemini rightshore model I started looking into the situation. The question was how can we advise the customer to change some of the processes and procedures concerning Incident management so the service towards the end users is faster and more cost effective.

After some time of whiteboard sessions a couple of models came to my mind. The difficulty however with those kind of models is to find out which one will work best in a realtime situation and where will we find bottlenecks. I installed the Oracle BPM part of Oracle jDeveloper a couple of months ago however did not had the option to play with it. It turned out that we where able to create all the scenario's within the BPM tool and simulate all kind of situations. By using Oracle BPM I was able to quickly model the different scenarios and play situations on them. By doing so we could simulate a realtime situation and change the processes and procedures in our final advise so the customer can implement them.

If you are ever in the need of simulating business processes you should give Oracle BPM a look. Below you will find a youtube movie and a presentation which give you some more info on the subject and will show how to model a test situation.

The below video is made by Marcus Davies from Integrella which shows you quickly how you can model a simulation within Oracle jDeveloper.

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