Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MongoDB with BJSON, How could I have missed it

Every now and then you have the feeling "how could I have missed this". In my case this came today when I was looking for a quick to deploy and easy to use database platform. I am currently working on a little project to automate some of my tasks at home and for this I am in need to store information. One options was storing it in XML files on the filesystem. However, due to the fact I am a Oracle guy I tend to look for a database solution first. Having a Oracle database running for the storing of this information is a little overkill and I wanted it to be standalone so using one of my already running Oracle databases for this was not an option.

MySql, PostgreSQL and some other things came to mind however when doing some fun google work I came to a database type I did never heard of before and looking at it the phrase "how could I have missed this" came to mind.

MongoDB is a easy to deploy database and has some great options. Maybe not for this little project but for a lot of other projects this can come in handy. MongoDB is not having schema's such as most databases and documents are stored as BJSON (Binary JavaScript Object Notation)

If you look at he way how to interact and query a MongoDB it somehow comes very naturally if you play with it. Below you can find some information from youtube from a Google User Group meeting where Will Shulman, founder and CEO of MongoLabs, give us an excellent overview on how to persist our mobile app data in the cloud using the super-scalable and amazingly developer-friendly MongoDB back-end.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Anonymous said...

AFAIK documents in MongoDB are stored not as BJSON but as BSON.