Friday, May 06, 2011

Oracle eBS internet Explorer certification Matrix.

Sometimes I just have my blog to write reminders for myself (and for others) so they can quickly find some information on a specific topic. This is one of those posts. I am currently requested to look into the certification of systems used at a customer. One of the questions is if it is certified to upgrade Internet Explorer to version 9 in combination with Oracle e-Business Suite.

If you talk about Oracle e-Business Suite and browsers and java versions you tend to end up always on the weblog of Steven Chan. Also on the certification of Internet Explorer 9 for Oracle e-Business Suite steven has written a blogpost on his corporate Oracle blog. The latest (at this moment) post on this subject dates from 7-OCT-2010 and it states:

"IE 9 is available via a public platform preview today. We've been working with the latest IE9 beta, but it but hasn't been certified with the E-Business Suite yet."

As this is already a somewhat older blogpost I did a quick check with the people from Oracle and was directed to two metaling notes which provide a certification matrix for Oracle e-Business Suite.

Recommended Browsers for Oracle Applications 11i (Metalink Note 285218.1)

Recommended Browsers for Oracle Applications 12 (MetaLink Note 389422.1)

From the document you can cleary see that Oracle has NOT certified IE 9 at this moment. In the future please do refer to one of those two documents as they will be updated when things change.

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