Saturday, May 14, 2011

‪Google I/O 2011: Honeycomb Highlights‬

On the latest Google I/O conference Google launched some very nice new things. One of the main focus points of this latest conference had all to do with Android. Android's "Honeycomb" release includes a large number of new features, capabilities, and APIs to access them. This session gives a high-level view of everything that's new, with special focus on how this affects developers' lives and what they should be paying attention to. As to the nature of google they have provided a feed from the conference so everyone around the world could see the event as it was happing. In case you missed it below you can see one of the talks on the new Android Honeycomb.

Android 3.1 which is the new version of android is bringing some very nice new features for developers. I recently purchased a Android tablet to play around with and looking into the development guides and the information provided by Google this can become a very interesting time. The Android 3.1 platform adds refinements and new capabilities that developers can build on, to create powerful and engaging application experiences on tablets and other large-screen devices.

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