Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sharepoint opensource

Most likely you do have encountered Microsoft sharepoint somewhere in a corporate environment. It can be that it is used as the basis of your companies intranet, a team platform for teams working on different locations and using it to share knowledge. The options are almost endless. One of the great benifits is that you can change a lot and that you can see it as a framework to develop exaclty that what you need. The downside is that you will not be able to change all. It is a product from Micrsoft so it will stay closed source and for some of us (me included) this is somewhat a downside to the product.

If needed some of us woul like to have full access and the ability change whatever fits a particular need. I am currently asked to look into a sharepoint like solution for a non-profit organisation and came accross a product called Cy.nin which is a opensource alternative for Sharepoint.

Cy.nin provides you with almost the same options (and some extra) as you would expect from Microsoft Sharepoint. The difference is that Cy.nin is opensource and you can download the sourcecode for free. Also a commercial version is available and you will have some more support on this version. However, for everyone who starts in a green field situation for a knowledge sharing platform, corporate and non-corporate I can only advise you to have a look. Install it on a Linux box and give it try. You will be supprised with the options and possibilties you find.

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