Monday, July 20, 2009

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

We have waited for it a long time, however Oracle has now finally launched a great tool for data modeling. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a new graphical tool available for Windows, Mac and Linux to develop your data model. One of the great advantages is that you can very quickly drag and drop an entire data model and create a DDL file. DDL stands for Data Definition Language and can be used as a medium between your design tools and the real database where you would like to deploy your model.

One of the great benefits of this tool is that you can not only create a model for an Oracle database, it is also capable of creating DDL files for other databases like Microsoft SQL server and DB2 databases.

In some cases when you create a DDL file from a model you will encounter errors like: “There are # errors Check the design rules for more details”. You can enforce design rules so when working in a larger team than one person on a design you will have to comply with the same rules. You can check the design rules under “Tools” > “Design Rules”. When applying the rules you will be presented with all the violations on the rules so you will be able to repair them and make your model compliant before deploying it to a database instance.

Besides this you will also have the option to engineer from your relational model a logical model. This can be very handy if you first create a logical model and afterwards need to document your model. This can save you a lot of visio time.

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