Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR5

Chung Wu reports on his weblog that Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR5 is now available for download for all supported operating systems. This now includes 64-bit Windows (x86-64) and HP Tru64 Unix.

You can download OEM from the oracle website or the eDelivery website. If you would like to know what the new features are in you can take a look at this website from Oracle; “New in Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 (
Some of the things I really like in this version are for example:

Repeat notifications are now supported for all notification methods – OS Command, PL/SQL procedures and SNMP traps. Administrators can customize the format of the e-mail notifications sent by Enterprise Manager to better satisfy their operational requirements. Customizations include the changing of the content and inclusion of target properties and other information that provide more business and operational context about the alert.

Enhanced management and monitoring support for new Oracle Database 11g features such as ADDM for RAC, Real-time SQL Monitoring, Partition Advisor, and Automatic SQL Tuning are provided.

Comprehensive automation provides a simple, user-friendly workflow for capturing production workload, copying it to a test system, setting up software and test databases to the point time of capture, deploying replay clients, orchestrating the replay process, and analyzing the replay results.

Oracle Virtualization (Oracle VM) Management: Virtualization management involves the monitoring, administration, and maintenance of the virtual servers and guest virtual machines in your enterprise. Enterprise Manager is now able to monitor virtualized entities alongside the physical infrastructure and perform complete lifecycle management of virtual servers and software running on them.

Real User Experience Insight: This product maximizes the value of your business critical applications by delivering insight into real end-user experiences through reporting on user traffic requested by, and generated from, your network. It integrates performance analysis and usage analysis into a single offering, enabling business and IT stakeholders to develop a shared understanding into their application users experience. Out-of-the-box support for Siebel and E-Business Suite is provided.

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