Monday, July 13, 2009

Google Chrome OS

Google announces a new operating system named Google Chrome OS. As we have learned in the past is that if Google launches something it most of the time is a good product. So should we be happy with a Google OS?

Yes, why:
- It will be opensource so the Linux developers will have access to the sourcecode and can learn how google did things.
- It will be a big momentum against the dominant position of Microsoft.
- It will be a free (no charges) operating system.
- It will be easy to integrate the OS with Google products

No, why:
- Google can become just the next Microsoft.
- It will give Google (possible) the power to also harvest information when you are not online and store this for building more knowledge around their users.
- It might possible defer developers from some of the Linux projects to Google OS projects.

The problem for Google is that it is always has been a very friendly guide for a lot of internet users. You currently see more and more users who are asking questions about the more dominant position of Google. When launching a operating system it can step into the same trap as Microsoft. Even do Google launches great products which I personally love I think they now should be ultra careful to not upset the masses.

I personally cannot wait to have some more information about the new operating system than already published at the moment however I am even more interested in how Google will handle the critics on the system which they will get. Not the comments on the working, because they will be able to handle this, I more interested in the comments on the operating systems impact on a security, privacy and moral front.

Do I think it is good to have a Google OS? Yes, and I can not wait to see it and how it will come into place.


Unknown said...

Strictly propaganda!

hanum said...

there's a new update one Beta ;)