Friday, May 29, 2009

twitter account

Today I created a twitter account. I have been reading about twitter and hearing stories of people on the subject however never created a account. Someone I know has started to use twitter recently and because of this I wanted to give it a go. Looking into the way twitter works it looks like a blog only for very small messages.

it is not my intention to "twitter" everything like, getting coffee for the colleagues, getting lunch or things like that. It will be more like, working on ..... and stuff like that. Also new blogposts I have posted or working on will be twitterd. So if you follow my blog and do have a twitter account just add my twitter stream to it.

In the beginning I will be using twitter very often because it is new you will most likely however see that it will become less after some time and the messages might start to have more 'body'. Because I have installed twitter on my iPhone I will also be able to react and twitter on the go. I am really interested to see how this will go. For the couple of hours I am using twitter now I already learned that it can be very well used to expand you social network and it is a lot of fun.

here is a link to my twitter page.

Hope to see all of you on

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