Monday, May 25, 2009

Oracle EBS R12 Error: Stale Data

When navigating within the HTML screens of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 you can come across the below error message about Stale Data. The message is really clear however I do get some questions about it every now and then. The problem is most likely that you have been using the back (or forward) button of your browser. The way the HTML code (Actually the JSP code) is setup is making it so that it can not handle this in some cases. You can try to get out of this by clicking more back and forward buttons however this will not make the page work as before. Best things to do is just close the page and return back to it from you forms session. If you are not coming from a forms sessions the best way is logout and login again to the system. This is until Oracle will solve this " Bug"

Error: Stale Data

The requested page contains stale data. This error could have been caused through the use of the browser's navigation buttons (the browser Back button, for example).

To proceed, please select the Close Window link at the top of the application page to return

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Anonymous said...

way is logout and login again to the system

Thats not a soultion , i guess oracle has to hasten solving this issue ,

ummm , another thing i would like to

ask u about is what P.Language u do prefer paython or Delphi ?

and why ?