Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Live Concurrent Editing

Google announced a new product on the google IO conference named Google Wave. Google wave will be a new collaboration and communication system which enables user to start collaborating an new ways online. Working on documents with a group of people, editing stuff and communicating all in one platform. All I have seen until now looks very promising and as soon as I receive my account details from Google I will inform you about how it is working and what my first experiences are.

There are however some things in wave that might sound even more prommising. Even before the GO-LIFE of wave there are already API's available. This is not so strange because wave will be opensource and it will be using a open protocol which is developerd specialy for wave.

On you can find all the information you need about the new wave protocol from Google.

A second thing is the technolgy used which is quite prommising, Live Concurrent Editing is one of them and is explained by David Wang in the video below who is one of the developers of Google wave. Not only this technology is very usefull for google wave, you can use it for various situations where you will be able to use this approuche to solve problems where you have more than a single user working on the same data. It would be great to do some things with it in the future whenever a oppertunity comes along. I can advise everyone to have a look at the video below and take some time to look at other presentations about google wave.

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