Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oracle VM release

Oracle has released 3 new products , Oracle VM Manager, Oracle VM Server and Oracle VM Agent. Oracle VM suite will be responsible for the virtualization Oracle has in mind. Before we could already make use of some virtualization platforms like VMware and the opensource Xen and now Oracle is here with its own virtualization platform Oracle VM. Oracle VM is consisting of Xen's open source server software and an integrated Web browser-based management console, Oracle VM provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for creating and managing virtual server pools, running on x86 and x86-64-based systems, across an enterprise.

It will be capable of running Windows, Linux and Solaris inside virtual machines which will be running on top of the Oracle VM operating system or Management Operating System as oracle likes to call it. You can see a quick overview of this in the picture below.

Oracle is working together with a number of partners to make this new Oracle VM approach a success, they team-up with AMD, Dell, Emulex, HP, Liquid Computing, NetApp, Pillar Data Systems and QLogic.

Personally I find the partnership on this project with NetApp interesting as the ESX solution from VMware was not proving a satisfying result with the combination Oracle NetApp.

Currently we are allocating hardware to start a test environment for the new Oracle VM products to test them and try them.

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