Saturday, November 03, 2007

The future of productivity

The future of productivity, how will we work with computers and how will they influence our daily lives in 2030. For some people a mystery and not something on there minds. For some companies and researches already a point on the agenda to discuss. Watching trends and be able to predict those trends are vital in some market segments. And maybe it is not the market who is following the trend but the market who set the trend. Even do we, the people or consumers so to say, have a more and more influencing role in the future of products and especially the IT market still big companies are for a large portion responsible for the road to follow for most of us.

Even do we can influence by open source and all kinds of platforms where we can spill our thoughts about how things should be done it is still good to look at what research companies believe the future will bring for us.

Some of the things mentioned in the graphs will be coming from research labs around the world and some, and I think personally a larger and larger number will come from the open source world. It is good to keep the graphs in mind when planning a future road for your company.

Thing like SaaS, Software As A Service are now already in place. SmartApps for example if providing Oracle Applications like the e-business suite in a SaaS model. Social Networking, a common good those days, think about LinkedIn for example and so are most of the things in the Web 2.0 part quite common those days and even some of the Web 3.0 parts are already know like widgets and Semantic searches.

Just some things to look into already because I am quite sure you will encounter them quicker than you personally think at this moment. The images and most of the research I was inspired by for making this post was done by Radar Networks.

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