Thursday, November 08, 2007

Customer item numbers in Oracle Inventory

When dealing with large customers it is possible that your customer is demanding that he can order goods from you by using there own item numbers which can be quite different from the item numbers you are used to work with.

To enable your order entry desks, using Oracle e-business suite, to quickly enter order by making use of the customer specific items there is a option to make a mapping between the internal item numbers and the customer item numbers in Oracle Inventory.

To do so you first have to setup a Customer Item Commodity Code for to group the customer items for a specific customer in a group so you can keep control over it. You can find the “Customer Item Commodity Codes” under the Inventory responsibility by navigating to Setup – Items – Customer Item Commodity Codes.

After setting up the commodity code you navigate to Items – Customer Items – Customer Items. Here you can create “dummy” item numbers which represents the item numbers your customer likes to use. Later we will link those customer item numbers to the internal item numbers.

After creating those customer item numbers you will have to link the customer item numbers to your internal item numbers. To do so navigate to Items – Customer Items – Customer Item Cross References. Here we can make the link between the 2 item numbers so the customer item numbers will become useful in the rest of the application.

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