Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting ahead of Web 2.0

Paul Pedrazzi, the founder of AppsLab, on connecting employees and getting the job done:
"Ten years ago, employees used tools and services that employers installed for them to get their jobs done. Today, they still use what they are given, but many are downloading and installing non approved applications or signing up for outside services. The reason: corporations aren't keeping up with the Web 2.0 technologies that can help employees get their jobs done more quickly. The result: employers have less control than they did in the past, but even more important, they're not creating a culture of employee loyalty and satisfaction.
Employees are trying to get their jobs done within the organization, and they don't hav the tools they need. Either the tool don;t exist, they can't be found, or in some cases they are just not usable enough. Whatever the reason, employees feel stuck, explains Paul Pedrazzi, the founder of Oracle's AppsLab. So they're saying 'I need to get this job done. I'm going to use this tool or services that is available, and I'm going to get my job done.' Employees are not doing it to be mailcious or break IT rules, or to be hip with Web 2.0. They're doing it because they want to be more productive. I think that's the perspective that executives should have"
From Oracle Profit magazine november 2007

I do agree with Paul at some points, however I feel that some people do use tools and services to be hip and I feel that we have to very aware not to create applications on a Web 2.0 platform because it it a Web 2.0 Platform. However, looking at the new product range of Oracle we can find some tools that are inspired by talks like this inside Oracle. If we look at Oracle Business Intelligence Standard One for example. This gives users a wide variety of tools to create reports and services and share them with others on a life dataset. I have been playing around with it now for some time and I personally think it is a great tool on a Web 2.0 platform.

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