Wednesday, November 22, 2006

TALON robots

A couple of days ago I reported on sentinella, a armed robot made by Samsung(). I told in that story that this was the/one of the first robots that whould be armed and therfor was in violation with the rules of robotics which are set by Isaac Asimov.

After some more research I learned that there are a lot more robots that are violating this set of rules. A good example is the Foster-Miller company which has a line of armed robots named TALON robots

TALON robots can be configured with M240 or M249() machine guns or Barrett 50-caliber rifles for armed reconnaissance missions. A prototype system was delivered to the 3/2 Stryker brigade for evaluation, and successful testing was performed by the brigade in Kuwait in December 2003. Additional prototypes have been manufactured and are currently undergoing system safety certification by the U.S. Army. Alternative weapons, including 40 mm grenade launchers and anti-tank rocket launchers, continue to be evaluated by the U.S. Army.

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