Saturday, November 04, 2006

My opinion about fur.

My opinion about fur, I did not even knew I had one before I start looking at some ads. It is true, my opinion is somewhat blurted by the way they make there ads but in the end I agree with them.

Fur and fur coats are warm, nice, they look good….. al true facts about fur and nobody can deny this. However, is it worth the pain and misuse of all those animals that are needed to make that coat? No I think not. It is not acceptable that we kill those animals just to have a nice coat while we also can re-create a similar good product without having to misuse all those animals.

So my opinion about fur is, “please do not use it or buy anything that has fur in it”. And I am not alone in this opinion. There are a lot of people that think just like me on this subject. And those people are very willing to share this opinion with you by helping out in the ads campaign.

And to be honest, if you look at the girls that help out for those campaigns… would you like to make them happy by supporting the anti fur association?

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