Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hotel Bristol in Oslo

I have just arrived in Oslo and finished my check in into the Hotel Bristol in the city centre. To be honest I have not seen much from my taxi ride from the airport to the city because it was much to dark at the moment. The things I did notice are that it is (A) really cold and that (B) the area is covered in snow. That is to say the area outside Oslo city has a lot of snow and in the city most of the snow cleared.

I just have decided that I will be going into town to have some to eat and have some drinks. As a real Internet user I have already arranged a internet connection from my hotel room so I have done some quick research and have a short list of places I like to visit. The ones I will really visit I will report back to you on this weblog.

One thing for the people from BOSH, please take notice of the picture below.

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Craig said...

Awesome! Glad you got it, I was wondering.