Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Updating the blog again.

It is a shame, I have rested so well during my holiday and after I came back I have been running and chasing all kinds of things. One and a half week back and I need a other holiday again to rest from those 2 weeks.

I did not even have time to update my weblog properly. So again a apology about me not updating my weblog frequently. I will better my life again and pick up the routine of updating.

Some people might wonder what is keeping me so busy that I have had no time to update the weblog. Well, back in the country I have immediately send away again by my company to go to Brussels a couple of days to support the local Belgium office during the go-life of the new Oracle e-business suite iStore implementation we prepared before my holiday to Scotland.

So I have been a couple of days in Brussels, I have been visiting my parents to thank them for taking care for the plants and look after the mail when we where gone. I have been seeing some friends and, something we all know, I have been working on my full e-mail box and taking care of all the questions and requests that pended in the inbox during my absence.

I will update you all about my trip and I have some good news in a short while to share with you so please gibe me some time and I will share about the good news and the story about the trip, I will update you all in a short while. Meanwhile I will update the weblog with the regular stuff about computers, websites and other cool things.

One website I just found out about I do not want to keep from you, take a look at http://www.yutakaloveslondon.com this is how a website should look like. Very nicely done.

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