Monday, October 30, 2006

New rules for carry-on baggage.

My current job requires me to travel from time to time along several European countries. So I am traveling quite regular with my hand luggage and my name-tags I got from the guys over at bits of silicon hell.

Due to the fact that a lot of us travel to all kinds of office in Europe we have a special department that handles those matters. They book the hotels and the flights, make sure everyone has the tickets on time and that everyone is aware of the latest legislations. Due to this last part of there job the just send us a e-mail to inform us about the latest legislations concerning carry-on baggage. So now we are having the same situation on all European airports that I already experienced during my trip from London to Amsterdam during the latest terrorist problems.

Please find the latest information about the new legislations below:

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New rules for carry-on baggage at all airports in the European Union

Effective November 6, 2006, new rules for the contents of carry-on baggage will apply for all airline passengers throughout the European Union (EU). Passengers may only carry small quantities (max. 100 ml per container) of liquids, gels and aerosols in their carry-on baggage. The packaging of these products must also meet specific requirements. This applies for all passengers departing from or catching connecting flights at airports within the European Union.

The new rules apply for liquids such as water and other soft drinks, but also extend to gels, pastes, lotions, and the contents of aerosols. This includes toiletries such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair gel, lip gloss, and facial creams

The following rules apply for liquids in carry-on baggage:
· You are only allowed to carry liquids and gels in containers with a volume of 100 ml or less;
· These containers may only be carried in a transparent plastic bag;
· Each passenger may only carry one such transparent plastic bag;
· The volume of the transparent plastic bag may not exceed 1 liter;
· The transparent plastic bag must be re-sealable;
You may bring a transparent plastic bag from home.

During the introductory period, you will receive transparent plastic bags free-of-charge at all airports in the Netherlands.

Two exceptions will be made:

· baby formula that is required during the flight;
· medication that is required during the flight

You will still be allowed to make (tax-free) purchases at European airports after passing through passport control and aboard flights operated by European airlines. Liquids and gels that you purchase after passing through passport control or aboard the aircraft will be packed and sealed for you in the shop or on board, if necessary. The package seal will remain valid for 24 hours. If you have to catch a connecting flight, you will not be allowed to break the seal until you have reached your final destination.
Separate presentation of contents
When passing through security control, you will be required to present all liquids separately. The transparent plastic bag should be sealed and easily re-sealable. You are also required to separately present your coat, jacket and larger electrical equipment, such as laptops, when passing through security control.

Please inform your travelers about this.

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You can find more information on the KLM website.

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