Monday, October 30, 2006

Cake and a vulnerability.

The people at Microsoft are not as bad as some anti MS people might think. They even send a cake to the FireFox team to congratulate them with there latest release.

Just a couple of days before the launce of the latest FireFox, Microsoft shipped their latest version of IE, version 7. Even do a lot of people where very pleased with this it was only a matter of time, to be exact a single day, to find the first security bug in the latest IE version.

Secunia published the bug they found on there website.

A vulnerability has been discovered in Internet Explorer, which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose potentially sensitive information.

The vulnerability is caused due to an error in the handling of redirections for URLs with the "mhtml:" URI handler. This can be exploited to access documents served from another web site.

Secunia has constructed a test, which is available at:

Secunia has confirmed the vulnerability on a fully patched system with Internet Explorer 7.0 and Microsoft Windows XP SP2. Other versions may also be affected.

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