Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ms. Dewey, the new search engine.

While some companies are thinking about how to build a next generation of websites that interact in a more human way with the users some companies just build those kind of websites. EVB created a search engine interface in the form of a woman behind a counter that is willing to help you to find your answers.

It is true that a search engine like Google is just fine, it is working like a charm, the results are fast and accurate however there some times that you just think the Google interface is a little dull. It would be very nice if Google introduced something like a virtual search assistant that like EVB created Ms. Dewey.

There is however a little warning that I like share with you before you start using the search engine, Dewey has a little temper from time to time.

If we explore the EVB website some more we find out that EVB has created a lot more than They are responsible for a enormous fleet of good designed websites like , the Adidas KG3 website and Those are just a couple of examples of good designed websites they have made but personally I find them ALL very good designed and well thought true.

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