Thursday, February 28, 2013

Social and location based marketing

The combination of social data and mobile location data can be a very big game changers for advertising. Combining the insight of what a person his interestes are and the location can help to promote new products and services in a very targeted fashion. To be able to retrieve the amounts of data needed and to process this data you will have to look at big-data solutions. In the below video IBM is showcasing the promotion of a new coffee place next to a theater. You can see how a specific group of people is selected based upon there location and based upon the interests that they express via social media.

Big data is creating opportunities for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to establish new revenue streams. With big data technology, CSPs can analyze the location data generated by millions of mobile devices and use the resulting insights, along with offerings from business partners, to deliver customized services and offers that consumers want.

IBM is getting currently more and more attention on there big-data solutions and thinking. Specially for big-data IBM has created a specific big data hub site which can be interesting for everyone interested in big-data solutions and how to use them in a enterprise.

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