Friday, February 08, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager add discovered hosts

When deploying Oracle Enterprise Manager in your datacenter you need to populate it with targets, targets being hosts or installations on hosts. As we have shown in a previous blogpost you can make use Auto Discovery in Oracle Enterprise manager which uses NMAP to do a scan on a range of IP addresses to find new hosts which will be candidates to be added to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

As you can see in the diagram below there are a couple of steps included in the process of adding new targets to Oracle Enterprise Manager. When you have discovered new candidates to be added as anew target you will have to add them in step 2.

Add targets from Auto Discovery Results gives your a couple of options. Add Non-Host targets, Add Discovered Hosts and Ignore Discovered targets. Below we will show you how to use the results from the auto discovery option in Oracle Enterprise Manager to add discovered hosts.

From the main menu you need to select "setup", "Add Target" and then "Auto Discovery Results". This will bring you the screen as shown below.

From this menu you can start the promotion of a discovered host into a target in Oracle Enterprise manager. For this you have to select the line representing the discovered host you want to promote and click the "promote" button in the top menu bar. This will bring you to the screen shown below.

From this screen on you will be guided into a 3 step process for adding your target to Oracle Enterprise Manager. This will include installing the agent on the newly discovered target. step one being "host and platform" as shown above. The next step is the installation details as shown below.

Within the installation details screen you will have to define the installation base directory for your agent. import to note is that you have to also provide named credentials. It is needed that the named credentials you provide are representing an account on the target server that is able to write to this directory.  After completing this step and providing all the details you can go to the next phase where you will be presented with an overview of all details you have provided in the steps before. This screen is shown below.

As you can see I have not provided any pre-installation scripts or post-installation scripts. However when adding new targets to Oracle Enterprise Manager in a controlled environment in your enterprise there might be additional steps required when placing a host under Oracle Enterprise Manager control. For example, updating your CMDB, if you have automated scripts for this you can start them here directly which will reduce the manual work you have to do after that. When done you can click the "Deploy Agent" button which will start the process of installing the agent on the new host and register the machine in Oracle Enterprise Manager.

After clicking the "Deploy Agent" button you will be presented with a screen where you can monitor all the steps that are taken by the installer and where you will be notified about any error that might occur during the 3 steps of the installation process. The steps are; "Initialization", "Remote Prerequisite Check" and "Agent Deployment". If you do not encounter any issues you will be presented with the result shown below.

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