Monday, February 04, 2013

Oracle database 12C DBaaS in ExaData

The new major release of the Oracle database will be Oracle database 12C which is in line with the current Oracle trend to cloudify all current products and ensure that all new products are ready for the cloud. Meaning that the anounchment  made on Oracle OpenWorld 2012 for the Oracle database 12C (Cloud) was not a supprise for the most of the attendees of the conference.

However the fact that Oracle is turing to a model for multi-tenancy in its databases is a twist not all of the attendees might have seen coming. The interesting thing might also be that it was stated that Oracle was already working on a cloud / multi-tenancy database for a long time. What was not announced specifically was that the the new Oracle database 12C will be included in the new versions of the exadata. This is to be expected however it could also have been that a specific version of 12C would be introduced to be working inside the exadata.

The current Oracle statement is the following:
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c DBaaS is platform agnostic and is designed to work on Exadata/non-Exadata, physical/virtual, Oracle/non Oracle infrastructure(hardware and OS) platforms and it’s not a mandatory requirement to use Exadata as the base platform.

Oracle database 12C will be the Oracle foundation for Database as a Service DBaas. an interesting article by Gagan Chawala on the Oracle website is already provding some insights into how DBaaS can be developed with keeping in mind Oracle Database 12C.

Secondly the article is showing the history of the database within Oracle to show you how we came to the current point in time with the Oracle database technology.  Do find the slide screenshot below:

Next to the fact that the Oracle database 12C will be shipping in upcoming versions of the ExaData is also rumored however not confirmed officially that Oracle VM will be a part of the new versions of ExaData to provide even more options to slice and dice a ExaData and make it usable in a multi-tenancy model. Having a multi-tenancy is an outstanding request from hosting companies for a long period of time already. 

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