Saturday, February 11, 2012

String Theory explains why the world ends

Most of us will have quite some difficulty understanding some fields of physics and understanding how all things work. Most of us will already be happy if we understand the basics of some of the leading physics theories and if we can understand bits and pieces of what Einstein was trying to tell us. People like Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku are able to tell certain parts of their specific fields in such a way that we are understanding the very basics of it. I think that the art of explaining something very complex in a way that the average person understands it is a great gift.

In this video Michio kaku explains the first steps of string theory which is a part of his Floating University lectures. After watching the video the title of this blogpost will be clear to you.

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Jamahl Peavey said...

Remember when he was young. Look how old he is and that will tell you how long these guys have been talking about Strings, getting paid and making excuses no doing the job they claimed they could do. Wow, look at how old he is.