Wednesday, February 08, 2012

how real is social media

This week I had a quick talk with some people concerning a product they where thinking of developing. It was concerning some deep tech solution for managing some very specific processes in an industry where a lot of people where involved and where in need of a workflow solution to push tasks around the company. At some point in time a decision was made and a decision was made on how to resolve this. After this we had some additional time and started to think out of the box on messaging protocols for the workflow notifications. Some people where suggesting to also provide the option to broadcast to facebook and or twitter that a task has been assignd to a person.

The reaction of one of the (older) developers came in the form of the question "how long is this social media thing staying around and are there actually people using it or making real money with it?".

Interesting is that this is illustrating that not all generations picked up on the social media wave and have not yet seen what it can unlock and who you can reach with it. Even though I cannot blame them I would like to suggest to people to read up on the subject and maybe start by quickly look at this amazing video made by the guys from

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