Friday, February 03, 2012

Stand only topless meetings

Working for a tech company can have its benefits however can also have its downsides. It is a bit how you look at it. One of the things some people might see as good is that mostly in tech company’s new ways of having meetings are tested. According to the people in the below wall street journal news item this is because tech companies are hip and happening(?).

This is however not only happeing at Atomic Object also in my current company we have stand-up meetings in which everyone is standing and indeed it is working and helping you focus and come to the point. We did already have for some meetings a topless meetings which are no stranger to most companies I guess.

A meeting in which participants are not allowed to use laptops. A topless meeting organizer can also ban the use of smartphones, cellphones and other electronic devices. The purpose of this is to create an environment free from distraction, to foster enhanced focus and to generate more discussions.” Read

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