Thursday, January 05, 2012

big data vision from Oracle

Big data is one of the key areas companies are currently trying to get a market share. In the field of big data it is key to be able to handle large sets of data. Companies working on big data solutions and working with large sets of data commonly are looking at NoSQL and Hadoop like solutions as well as super computing solutions. My personal favor is for the NoSQL and hadoop like solutions and not so in the field of super computing or HPC. Even though HPC solutions like Oracle ExaData and ExaLogic are a solution for some situations this is primarily a solution for large commodity enterprises style of companies.

Oracle is really willing to jump into the big data game and is not only betting on the ExaData and ExaLogic solutions, they are also trying to provide solutions by providing hadoop API’s en Oracle NoSQL. Missing the big data train would mean for Oracle losing its dominant position in the data and database market which is not an option for them. This means we will most likely see a lot more of Oracle in the Big Data market for the upcoming time and not only with (big) appliances however also with (opensource) software solutions.

In this video, Antony Wildey from Oracle Retail explains what Big Data is, and why effective management of data is vital to retailers in gaining actionable insight into how to improve their business. It includes how Oracle can help businesses to use data from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and use sentiment analysis seamlessly to provide insight on product demand.

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